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Let’s face it, camping can be dirty, gravelly and harsh. You may love outdoors adventures, but sometimes it’s a little too primitive and you need some creature comforts. Thankfully we live in modern times and there are plenty of solutions to keep you feeling fresh, clean and comfortable out in the wilderness.


For a cosy kip, there are plenty of options. The most affordable and certainly a very comfortable solution for sleeping on the ground is an inflatable air bed. As with anything, there is a full range of options from the very cheap to the exquisite and luxurious. Beware the cheapest air beds as they are prone to holes and midnight deflation, the bane of a camper’s morning. Make sure to read reviews and find an air bed that is sturdy and tested so that your body is supported all night and you wake up refreshed. Be cognizant of the type of pump that your bed requires, as some are run on batteries and other are plugged in to provide power. Another option for catching some zeds is a camp cot. These are primarily single beds that unfold to provide a canvas sleep surface. The advantage here besides easy set-up is that you never have to worry about deflation. Both are terrific selections, and are a matter of personal preference.


To keep yourself clean and fresh, there is a range of camp showers. Some are a pouch you can hang from a tree that is heated by the sun to provide a steady stream of warm water and yet others are a full private enclosure to shower in. Some camp shower enclosures come with an additional room to change in, and have a variety of shelves and accoutrements to make you feel at home outdoors.


On to a less delicate subject, elimination. While some people are perfectly willing to take a stroll out into the woods or field to relieve themselves, many others find this uncomfortable or uncouth. There is currently a range of camp toilets and toilet seats that allow for discreet elimination and sanitary disposal. Some products are a comfortable chair with an accompanying bag while other, higher end options include a seat that flushes the unit with water. Whatever you choose, you know you’ll feel better with relief in style.


If the thought of cooking over a campfire sounds less than convenient and less than enjoyable to you, there are several options for the outdoor chef, from portable gas stoves and portable cookers with windbreaks to collapsible tables including wash basins and utensil stations. These days it’s easy to set up a veritable full kitchen at your campsite in a matter of moments, making your cooking experience handy, clean and quick, just like at home.


Other luxury outdoor items include cushy pillows, foldable leisure activity tables, popcorn machines and more. The sky’s the limit, making it easy for those who don’t desire a ‘slumming it’ experience to regardless have an excellent time on a wilderness holiday with their mates and family. Stay clean, stay fresh, function with ease and enjoy your creature comforts in the pristine outdoors air.


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Alyssa Lemon

Alyssa loves camping and writing about it. She has many years of experience in both.