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It seems that everyone is raving about Cranka Crabs. I am a huge fan myself. I am yet to find a crab lure that offers the realism and the results of Cranka Crabs. Here are a few of my tips to fishing with Cranka Crabs.


Cranka Crabs come in 2 weights. That’s the lighter 3.9gm and the heavier 5.9gm model. It is important to make sure your lure hits the bottom. You will need to make your decision based on the conditions. I normally start fishing with a lighter Cranka Crab because I know the lighter weight will allow the lure to drift naturally. Nevertheless, I am never too afraid to go with the heavier model. The heavier models are great when I want to cast further and the heavier weight helps to ensure the lure stays on the bottom with a stronger current.


I’ve found better success rates with a slow retrieve. I keep my rod low pointed towards the water as I retrieve because I don’t want my crab to appear as if it is swimming up off the bottom. I want my Cranka Crab to stay as close to the bottom as I retrieve. To do this, I tug on my rod rapidly with short bursts and reeling in my line a few inches after each round. Whatever I do, I keep it slow and found that is the real key to success mimicking the normal behaviour of crabs.


I’ve noticed 2 distinct ways fish attack crabs. The first type is like having the rod ripped out of your hands. That’s because a fish, such as a Bream, is trying to crack the shell right off the crab. The second type of bite is more like a light tapping. I imagine the fish is trying to remove the arms from the crab before going in for the full meal. I have evidence of my hypothesis in the marks and missing arms on my Cranka Crabs. With either style of bite, I avoid rushing to strike and wind on my reel to load up the rod so that there is enough pressure to set the hook without losing the fish.

Cranka Crabs have become an essential in my lure box. They are great for a wide variety of fishing conditions and fishing styles. Even if I don’t fish with them, they are simply great to look at.


Do you have any tips to fishing with Cranka Crabs? Share your experience with everyone through the comments section below.

Robert M Davies

Robert passed the "Obsessed With Fishing Test" with flying colours. Instead of talking, Robert has turned his hand to writing about his experience in fishing all around Australia.