cooking preparation


Following recipes will help you to make what you are trying to make but you won’t be able to make anything else. If you want to modify a recipe, you need to learn some of the basics to cooking. These 5 cooking secrets will help you to adapt and become a real cook.


Never be afraid to use and cook with salt. Salt is used to increase the flavour of a dish. Lots of recipes never even mention salt but you should be using it all the time. You can add a pinch of salt each time you add a new ingredient. The earlier you start with your seasoning, the deeper and more concentrated the flavours will become.


Heat is critical to good cooking, especially with oil. You want your oil hot before placing anything in it.


If your pan is dry when cooking, add some liquid. You can add water, broth or even wine for extra flavour. Keep your eye on your pan when you are cooking. By keeping liquids on your pan you will prevent burning.


Avoid cooking bland dishes by tasting as you go. You can add some flavour by adding salt of spices. If something is too tarty, add a sweetener such as sugar or honey. If something requires a bit of punch, add something acidic.


You’ll add a lot of flavour to just about any dish with a bit of acid. Acid or sourness highlights other flavours. Lemons are perfect for this. A couple of drops of lemon juice or vinegar can really bring out the flavour in your dish. Make sure you add right at the end because heat dulls the impact of acid.


Do you have any cooking secrets? Let us know and share with everyone.

Kimberly Powell

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