Chocolote Coconut Balls


This recipe is a really the best for cooking with kids, as it includes bashing biscuits, getting messy, eating something sweet and also doesn’t need a stove or oven!


1 pack of Marie (milk arrowroot) biscuits (250gm)
1/3 cup of cocoa powder
1 cup of desiccated coconut
1 can of condensed milk (395g)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
ziplock bags


The first step is the one to let out your anger and energy. You need to put the biscuits into the ziplock bag and bash them into crumbs using a rolling pin. If you don’t have ziplock bags then normal plastic bags will do, just maybe use two in case the kids are so strong with the rolling pin that it breaks through the plastic. Of course, you could use a food processor if you’re in a rush, but even then it would be nice to let the kids have a little fun bashing the biscuits before putting them into the machine.

The next step is adding the ingredients to the crushed biscuits. Only put half a cup of the coconut into the mix and put the rest on a plate to use later. It’s up to you if you want to add a bit more cocoa powder or vanilla essence, or even if you are cooking for adults and want to add some rum! Mix these together with your hands until it all is combined.

Now you need to roll the mixture with your hands into ping pong sized balls and coat with the coconut you put on the plate earlier. Some kids might like to try to make different shapes, but don’t let them make them too big or they won’t set. Another idea is if you want to add some colour you could add some sprinkles to the coconut.

Place the balls into a container, if you want them to remain round then do not stack them on top of each other. Put them in the fridge for half an hour, and get to cleaning up the huge mess you’ve probably made!

These are a great treat to make any time of year, however, Christmas time is perfect as they look like little snowballs and once they are hard you could stack them into a Christmas tree!

This is also a good idea for a backup dessert for when you have unexpected guests. The ingredients are all long life so you can keep everything ready in the cupboard for when you need to make something and don’t have time to run out to the shops.


Do you have any other recipes that are great to make with kids? Share your thoughts through the comments below.

Katie Reaburn

Katie is keen on cooking and adapting meals to make them easy for the campsite. She loves hosting parties with different themes, food and drinks. She enjoys writing and sharing a variety of her experiences from different cultures. She also is an animal lover having lived with a large amount of different pets.