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Camping is definitely not for everyone. For some people, the lack of creature comforts and being far away from home proved to be too cumbersome. As a camping enthusiast, you’ve surely heard a lot of excuses from your family and friends. Fortunately, you can still turn things around and change their minds. These common camping complaints and solutions should fix some of the most common things you dislike or are annoyed with when you’re camping.


Hard-core campers know that it’s best to use a tent that’s just the right size for its occupants. However, if someone wants to have a more comfortable camping experience, it’s perfectly fine to bring a larger, more spacious tent. Based on your needs, some tents can house up to 12 people (or even more).

This will offer plenty of headroom, ample space for large air mattresses and storage for all your belongings. Surely with this setup, you’ll no longer have to hear the complaint that there isn’t enough space. Remember, a tent that sleeps four people only has that space.


When you’re camping, you’re living with just the bare minimum of essential tools and equipment. So, it’s understandable to hear complaints about being cold at night. This is enough to convince some people that camping isn’t for them. The solution for this is simple — it’s all about having the right camping gear. More specifically, you need the right sleeping bag to keep you warm during these chilly nights.

Today’s sleeping bags are very cozy with a fabric lining that’s very soft and comfortable. They’re insulated so they’ll keep you toasty all throughout the cold night. Whether you’re tall or short, there’s a sleeping bag for your dimensions. These sleeping bags have been designed to keep you enclosed and withstand freezing temperatures. As a bonus, they also come in various colours and designs.


Insect or bug bites can instantly dampen your spirits while camping. You will be all itchy and not be able to enjoy the camping activities that your group has planned. In this kind of situation, having insect repellent lotions and sprays is vital. In case you still get bitten, remedies such as calamine lotion or aloe vera will provide you with that much-needed relief.

For those who want a more natural solution, you can use essential oils. For example, lavender oil soothes itchy bites and sunburnt skin while both citronella and tea tree oil do an excellent job of driving away mosquitoes. Peppermint oil, on the other hand, prevents ants from coming near your food supply.


To those who are still averse to camping, their smartphones can seem like their last connection to modern life and civilisation. So, running out of battery will be a legitimate concern for them. If your companions are like this, bring enough power banks with enough battery capacity to keep their devices juiced up. There are even solar chargers available, so you can keep replenishing your battery as long as there’s sunlight.


Even the most ardent nature lovers find it uncomfortable to survive without a properly working toilet. One possible solution for this is to select a campsite that offers shower and toilet amenities. Once your companions are ready for more adventure, you can venture into more rugged conditions. You can bring portable showers and toilets. If this is not possible, products like baby wipes and alcohol will have to do.

Most people won’t feel comfortable unless they can get used to living with limited items or you can get them the items they want. It’s really that simple and why people tend to like camping more once they have more experience (with knowing the difference between what they want and what really need).



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Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor

Jake is a global traveller who has recently called Australia his home again. If he's not travelling, he is writing about it and his experience.