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No angler is perfect. Making mistakes is just inherently part of the fishing game, especially if you’re a beginner. Over the years, I look back on the many mistakes I made. Here are some of the common beginner fishing mistakes to help you avoid them or at least be aware of them.


Sometimes, an angler can get used to their favourite fishing spot too much that they confine themselves to that area, even if there aren’t any fish there anymore. It’s easy to stay in one place, well, in your comfort zone. However, that’s also the perfect way to limit your growth. Try going somewhere new every once in a while. Open yourself up to more challenges.

Other times, it’s not about familiarity. You’re definitely going from one place to another, but lady luck just isn’t on your side. It’s important to know which fishing spots have an abundance of fish. Maybe luck has nothing to do with it after all.


These are two of the most common fishing errors first-timers commit. You can’t just cast your line and leave it to one side while you grab a pint. Fishing doesn’t work that way. Do you know why a lot of anglers are such patient people? It’s from all those years of being attentive while waiting for the fish to bite. You’re not going to be handed fish on a silver platter. You have to work for it. It takes a huge amount of patience and attentiveness to be successful.


Even the best anglers in the world have room for improvement. Just because you’re good at the sport doesn’t mean you already know everything there is to know about it. If a fellow angler gives you some advice, take it with grace and thank them for the kind gesture. Who knows? You may learn something new and helpful.


A good adrenaline rush is great and everything, but you mustn’t let it take over you. Try to relax before casting your line. Don’t rush into it just because you spotted an attractive target. Letting the adrenaline take over can mess with your timing, and you may have to bid goodbye to that fish.


There are different fishing techniques you can employ to catch the species of your choice. However, you can’t just wing it. If you’ve got a particular target in mind, then you must do some research ahead of time. If you’re eyeing to snag a flatfish, you must know that they lie in the sand or mud at the bottom of the water, for example, and set up your rig configuration to match. Most species can have differing habits, so you’d better be prepared.


You might think that tying the proper fishing knot has nothing to do with your success in fishing, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Tying the correct fishing knot is unquestionably an important part of the sport. If you tie it improperly, it may come loose, and your fish can get away in a snap. Having the best fishing line and hook in the world won’t matter if you have a poorly tied knot.

If you don’t know how to tie a fishing knot, there are plenty of ways to find out. You can also invest in a fishing knot tying tool if you need or want the extra help. They’re not that expensive, and they can save you a lot of time. These tools also help to make your knots tighter than using your own two hands. But if you prefer to do it the old-fashioned way, there’s nothing wrong with that either. Just make sure you do a good job.


If you want to fish different species that vary in size, you’re going to have to invest in a range of rod and reel setups. A lot of anglers fail at catching fish because they are not using the right tackle and setup.


One of the most common fishing errors an angler can commit is pulling their live bait out of the water too early. Live bait must remain fresh to entice the fish below better. You must make sure you’ve got everything set up before you put live bait on your hook. Once you’ve got the bait on your hook, cast your line as soon as you can. If you get nibbles but no bites or lose it, you will have to replace it.

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, there’s a good chance you’ve committed one – if not more – of these common fishing mistakes as a beginner. I have committed them all and more. And there are more, which I will put into another article some other time. However, the important thing is to learn from your mistakes and come out of the experience a better angler.



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Jackson Williams
Jackson Williams

Jackson Williams has been fishing around Australia for 20 years and loves his home region of far north Queensland.