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Rock fishing is extremely popular with around Australia. The activity seems easy enough as you only need a rod, reel and line. Don’t be mistaken, though, as rock fishing is considered one of the deadliest activities in the country. What makes it such a dangerous endeavour? Here are the most common and deadly rock fishing mistakes anglers make you definitely need to take heed of.


The fatal mistake you can make while rock fishing is not wearing the correct type of gear. When engaging in this kind of activity, anglers have been strongly advised that anglers should be wearing a life jacket and a helmet. This is to prevent drowning in case you fall into the water. Because you’re in rocky terrain, there’s also a chance you might sustain a head injury as well.

As a precaution, you should wear lightweight clothing so that they won’t weigh you down in case you are swept away by a current. Your shoes must also have non-slip soles to keep your feet firmly planted on the rock surface.

It should be noted, though, that even if you’re wearing the correct fishing gear, you can’t be complacent. Always remember that the ocean is unpredictable, and it’ll only take one or two large waves to sweep you off the rock you’re standing on.


Anglers should spend at least half an hour to an hour observing the weather conditions and the ocean waves before deciding to go rock fishing at a certain location. You must also research on how this particular fishing spot will be like later on in the day. As you get to know your surroundings, it would also be helpful to come up with a contingency plan in case you find yourself being engulfed by the water. Remember to stay calm as the more you struggle, the more water you’ll ingest.


Another deadly mistake is going rock fishing alone. If you’re alone and washed in, then nobody will be around to help you. With that in mind, you should make sure that you have at least two other companions with you when rock fishing. You also shouldn’t wander off too far that the rest of your group can no longer see you. In case you find yourself in the water, one companion will try to throw you a rescue device while the other will immediately call the emergency services. It should be noted that the person contacting emergency services must know your exact location.

Despite the inherent dangers of rock fishing, it can still be a fun and enjoyable activity. Anglers can choose to fish in extreme or challenging conditions. However, they should be proactive about ensuring their safety. This includes wearing the correct fishing gear, being aware of your surroundings and always having companions. If you follow these prescribed safety protocols, you will be able to lessen your chances of getting into an accident and sustaining potentially life-threatening injuries.


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Robert M Davies
Robert M Davies

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