Christmas Decorations



This is one holiday you do not want to leave until the last minute to organise! There are a lot of people travelling and a whole lot of them going camping too, so be sure to book a campsite if necessary, or get to your spot as early as you can so that you won’t be searching very far afield.

In order to arrive early, avoiding as much you can the crazy traffic, you should write a checklist of everything you are going to pack, and get things ready in the days leading up to leaving. Do your food shopping before the shops are too crowded, check petrol prices so you know when is best to buy it and make sure everyone knows what time you’re leaving so they are ready to go!


While taking the tree is a bit of a hassle, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a Christmassy campsite. Bring lights to decorate the tents and tie between the tents, and if you’re without power then there are solar powered ones to buy. As you are surrounded by trees why not bring some decorations to hang on them, or even some crafts so that the kids can be creative and make their own.


Don’t forget the Christmas carols! Depending on your electricity/wifi situation you could just play them from your devices, or you’ll have to make sure that someone is coming that plays the guitar and get them to practice some favourites to be ready. In this situation, you’ll also need to print out some lyrics, or go to a Christmas carol performance and collect their booklets.


With it being so hot this time of year, and you’re not inside with the comfort of air conditioning, a Christmas lunch that my family usually does while camping is cold meats, bbq prawns and a collection of salads. It’s light yet filling, and at night and the next day leftovers taste delicious in sandwiches or rolls.

Of course, if you can’t imagine your Christmas without something roasted then there are ways to make this happen, just be sure to check you have the right equipment for the recipe you find and maybe do a practice run.


Try to think of gifts that will be able to be used straight away, as you know that’s what the kids will want to do! Nice clothes, computer games or DVDs are not ideal, so instead go for sports equipment, books or bathers.


It’s the happiest time of year for many, but it’s not the time to let your guard down. Be careful on the road while getting to your campsite, changing drivers or taking breaks. Also, think about the best ways to deal with the heat as you need to stay hydrated and in the sun safely. Last of all get the latest updates on bushfires and have a plan of action for if you need to leave fast.


Do you have any other ideas for camping at Christmas time? Share your ideas below.

Katie Reaburn

Katie is keen on cooking and adapting meals to make them easy for the campsite. She loves hosting parties with different themes, food and drinks. She enjoys writing and sharing a variety of her experiences from different cultures. She also is an animal lover having lived with a large amount of different pets.