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If you’re the outdoor type, one of the gears you must have is a hammock. A hammock is pretty useful if you’re camping or even boating (if you can find a place in your boat to tie it). It’s a great piece of gear to use if you want to relax and take a nap or just enjoy the cool breeze at your campsite. Hammocks are becoming an increasingly popular choice for outdoor people who don’t want to sleep on the ground. But, how do you choose the right hammock? Here are things to keep in mind if you’re in the hunt for one.


The first thing you need to consider is the weather condition you’ll mostly spend time in. Will you be using it mainly during the colder days or warmer and sunnier days? You can either go for a rain fly or a bug net type of hammock if you plan to use it during the winter or summer. If you want to use a hammock during cold weather, go for a hammock with underquilts and top quilts for utmost comfort. One important thing to note about cold-weather hammocks is that the insulation must be placed under the hammock and not under your back to have optimum warmth.


When choosing the width of a hammock, you have choices ranging from 4 to 8.5 feet. If you plan to use the hammock by yourself, a width of 4-5 feet is best. If you want a hammock that can accommodate two people, a width of 6 to 7 feet is your most comfortable choice, still, this choice will depend on how much extra room you want.


The most common length for hammocks is 8 feet, although there are longer ones suitable for taller people. Length is mostly a matter of preference. The recommended length for most hammocks is usually around 2 feet longer than your height to fit comfortably.


• Open Models – Designed to be boat-shaped, open model hammocks use S-hooks and carabiners as the suspension system. They are usually made of lightweight but durable material. They are inexpensive because they don’t come with integrated suspension systems. You have to buy them separately.

• Expedition Model – This model is designed to be quite burly, so it can withstand any weather condition. It also offers more comfort but is heavier and more expensive than the open models. The reason why is expedition models are usually thicker than other models so that it provides more insulation.

• Ultralight Model – The ultralight model is pretty popular among backpackers because it’s the easiest to carry around. Since the ultralight model is very light and thinner than the other models, it’s not as durable as the other two models mentioned above. It still does serve its purpose though.


• Weight Capacity – Hammock weight capacity usually ranges from 150 to 500 pounds. Take note that the capacity listed is static weight, so make don’t jump up and down your hammock as it will shorten the lifespan or worse, damage it.

• Insulation – Hammocks are made of lightweight and breathable nylon. But for hammocks like expedition models, they come with optional accessories like underquilts, top quilts and even sleeping pads. These accessories provide insulation and comfort during chilly conditions.

• Suspension Systems – These are used to hang your hammock. It doesn’t usually come when you purchase a hammock. You will have to purchase one separately. You can either use a nylon webbing, carabiners or ridgelines.

So, there you go. These are the things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for a hammock.

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