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If you enjoy chasing Bluefin Tuna, this is for you.


Adelaide and surrounding coastal towns
Known as the city of churches
Founded by free Australians in 1836


It’s only a short and enjoyable drive to any of the coastal towns
Privately hired people movers are the best option
You could charter out of Adelaide but the locals know their waters well


South Australia has a long summer from November through to March
It is very and hot during summer and pleasant most of the year
Famous for being the driest state, in the driest country, of the driest continent in the world


If you are one who loves to go chasing after Bluefin Tuna, South Australia is for you. Even those who live in the cities and the suburbs get an opportunity to fish after this target as the tuna make their annual migration.

It has become very normal to see Bluefin Tuna is the waters of the very far west of the Southern State. And that is a long way from the capital, Adelaide. You really only get an understanding of how huge Australia is when you drive, fly or go fishing.

It was only a few years ago you’d often hear reports the Bluefin were running in Fowler Bay, Streaky Bay and even Ceduna. You would never think for the Bluefin to come anywhere near Adelaide. Times have changed and chasing Bluefin without having to make a top week journey and fishing trip to experience the Bluefin has been welcomed by many. No one can really say how long this will last, and we all pray these beauties don’t become prey to commercial fishing.

Anglers are finding Bluefin hotspots as near the capital city, Adelaide but better fishing is found at Cape Jervis and Victor Harbor – both only a short drive of the many suburbs of Adelaide. Adelaide is a city where just about no-one lives in the city and it is truly a CBD. As the season continues on many other small coastal towns find themselves hosts of this wonder of nature.

Day charters are an excellent option because a skilled skipper will have you on the fish in no time. While there are those around who still fish on the troll, you won’t find this kind of reckless behaviour in South Australia. There is certainly no sport fishing in troll fishing and no respectable skipper would allow it.


You should be looking for a charter boat from Cape Jervis and Victor Harbor because these two locations are the real hotspots over summer. Mind you, when the summer gets warmer you will find Bluefin tuna in many more locations.

Even the even the towns of Port MacDonnell, Robe and even Cape Jaffa and Kingston in the southeast becoming popular for chasing Bluefin. We’d decided on Victor Harbour because it has such a great reputation for being the perfect place to relax and not just a location for fishing. I love fishing, but I love to have other things to do too. Our tour was all arranged and we were on our way to Victor Harbour from 4am on the first day of our charter. The boat was setting sail just after 5 or as soon as we were all on board.

Remember, when you’re going on a fishing charter, you don’t need any of your own gear because everything is supplied. And that means you need to make sure you’re getting the right stuff. Let’s continue on with fishing for Bluefin. I’ve had a bit of experience chasing Bluefin. I offer you the following recommendations if you want to catch Bluefin weighing anything between 10 and 30 kilograms. And that’s a pretty big fish.


A good skipper will know the kind of areas Bluefin are found. SSTs are a great help to those special areas of water here the Bluefin are hiding. The trouble with these fish is that they hold great depths for long periods. You can also look out for drastic changes in the contour line at likely depths the Bluefin will be feeding.


There are no doubts fish finders are an excellent device to help with your Bluefin fishing. This is the kind of thing you need to check before you Book your charter. You can read about that in another article of ours. There are a lot questions to ask boating and fishing charters before making your decision.


Diving birds are always a good way to tell if there are fish around. Floating surface birds are also another good sign that fish are around. Keep a look out on the horizon as nature is always giving you an opportunity. The idea is to keep your eyes on the ocean and make sure you see everything that is happening. Something out of the ordinary is a sigh there’s a lot of Bluefin around.


There were four of us on our trip up from Victor Harbour. In the beginning we thought there was no chance, but it didn’t take long for our skipper to locate where Bluefin were hiding. Fishing for Bluefin is extremely exciting and enjoyable. Once you find the lure type, everyone can go with the same one. Well, as for as far as is possible, nothing is certain in the world of fishing.

If you are going on your first Bluefin fishing tour it is a good idea to learn more about lures especially those design for catching Bluefin. They really are a species that responds to lures especially when you have like dates in the water around you

Bluefin Tuna are a tough fish to battle. You are going to be more tired than the fish you landed by the time you get it on the boat. The longest of my battles was for over 3 hours. That is a big chunk of time to be doing nothing but concentrating on the rod and keeping it in your hands – I’m not joking about that either. I was using a 30lb line, a heavy rod and a heavy reel and I still got taken around the boat a few times. The skipper had thrown in a lot of pilchards and so the boat was awash in Bluefin. Everyone was ensured a catch. There’s a legal limit to what you can take home and we all just barely met that. That’s still a considerable amount of fish.

Some may tell you a single day fishing charter is hardly worth the effort but if your skipper knows what he is doing he can tell you the fish can’t be caught even if he was on dry lands. It’s was great to get out there early and be back on the beach smoking our dinner tuna, with a little lemon and a glass or two of the local wines – from the Barossa Valley. That’s another whole story I’ll share soon.

Victor Harbour is a great place to stay and fish at any time of year but summer was spectacular.


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