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Car camping is an inexpensive and convenient method of camping. Sometimes, even if your car is there, you’ll find yourself in gorgeous places. And the best part is, you don’t have to lug around your stuff all day. Car camping is all about making the experience easy for everyone and the best way to do that is to have the proper gear. So, here are a few suggestions on what to bring for your next car camping trip.


If you have a car, just pile your stuff at the back of your car. If you don’t, you can rent a camper, van, or an RV. The beauty of car camping is that you can bring extra stuff. Just make sure it’s not too much. You can use the roof rack to free up precious space inside. You can also double it as storage to keep the tent, stove, sleeping bags and pads if they’re not in use. If you’ll use a roof rack, you’ll have enough space inside for more important things, like elbows, breathing room, and of course, a cooler full of drinks and snacks.


Speaking of tents and sleeping bags, a camping trip is not a camping trip without these two. The tent you need to bring will depend on how many people will be sleeping in it and the weather you’ll face (yes, camping isn’t just done during the summer). As for the sleeping bags, there are several types of sleeping bags you can choose from. I suggest you go for more modern sleeping bags because they’re much more durable and can retain body heat much better.


Going car camping doesn’t excuse you from cooking. You still have to cook. A good start is a tabletop, two-burner stove that fits across one end of your campsite picnic table and any old pot and pan. You can also bring a plastic bin.

As for kitchen items, anything you can scrounge up from your home like, plates, cups, bowls, silverware, spatula and ladle is recommended. Bring at least two plastic wash basins, dish towels, soap, a small container of bleach or other disinfectant and pot scrubbers.

The good thing about car camping is being able to carry plenty of water in case the stream by the campground is dry, or the water spigot at your campsite doesn’t work. Go for a 2.5-gallon hard plastic container as a backup for cooking water and emergencies.


When going camping (or anywhere for that matter), you should always have a sturdy flashlight stored in the car. For campsite purposes, bring a compact, LED headlamp or place a repellent camp lantern on your picnic table. Mosquito repellent is an essential part of camping, especially if there are kids. Another lighting alternative you can use to find your way back to your tent at night is to hang a glow stick or an LED clip-on light.


There are other minor things you can bring that can enhance your car camping experience like ice chests to keep your drinks cold, camp mattress to keep your back nice and comfy, first-aid kit (this one is a requirement) and a water filtration system if you like to get water from creeks or rivers.

Bringing these things to your car camping trip will ensure that everything goes well. But, don’t limit yourself to those mentioned above. If you think bringing something is a good idea and can improve your car camping experience, then by all means, bring it. Have fun camping.


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