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Nature can be very unpredictable. You never know what issues may arise while you’re camping in the great outdoors. With that said, it’s important to have a camping toolkit to address whatever problem you might encounter. Having a set of tools and multi-purpose items will allow you to quickly address situations and create quick, easy solutions. Here are some of the essential items for your camping toolkit I recommend.


You need a toolbox to house all the items you need for your camping toolkit. Avoid something that’s metal and heavy. It’ll just add more weight to your load. Instead, choose a plastic toolbox that’s durable and large enough to house your stuff. I actually prefer a bag over a box.


Duct tape is one of the most versatile products ever created. It’s an essential item for your camping toolkit because of its versatility. Duct tape is strong enough to be used to repair tears in your sleeping bag, tent or even provide a temporary fix to a broken camping chair. It can also be used to fix broken tent or trekking poles. When it comes to injuries, you can even use duct tape to cover blisters or create a temporary wrap for a sprained ankle.


Similar to duct tape, cable ties have so many uses when camping. They can be used to keep small items together, attach gear to your backpack, secure tarps, hang things and mark trails.


Your camping toolkit should also contain paracord or rope. You can use it to fasten down tarps, secure a hammock, create a clothesline and hang gear from branches. Rope can also be used for a splint, a sling, a tourniquet, a stretcher and as a ladder, and much more. Paracord doesn’t take up much space. Once you have it in your toolkit, you won’t want to camp without it.


A sewing kit can be used to patch up rips in tents, tarps, sleeping bags, clothing and backpacks. A sewing kit can also be used for suturing a wound in emergency situations.


A multi-tool, despite being smaller than the palm of your hand, provides you with a variety of tools. Multi-tools are great for camping as they allow you to reduce the number of items you need in your camping toolkit or bag.


A torch is another essential item for your camping toolkit. Headlamps are also something I highly recommend. They are just so useful in so many situations.


A hammer or mallet is used to drive tent stakes into the ground. Using a proper tool instead of a rock from your campsite will lessen the risk of damaging your gear. Rubber mallets are definitely the best.


A folding shovel can be very useful when camping. You can use it to create a fire pit, dig a hole for your toilet and collecting dirt to put out campfires. Folding shovels are another great space saver.


If you have a hatchet in your camping toolkit, you can use it for splitting firewood, kindling and clearing away bushes. The other end can also perform double duty as a hammer.


Basic spare parts for your camping gear can come in very handy. You might want to include extra tent stakes, poles, pegs, buckles, hinges and buckles in your camping toolkit. There’s nothing like having the spare part to fix something when you need it.

These items are items I carry with me and use all the time when I am camping, and I am someone who goes camping more than most. I hope this list gives you some inspiration for creating a camping toolkit of your own.



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Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor

Jake is a global traveller who has recently called Australia his home again. If he's not travelling, he is writing about it and his experience.