Margaritas Jug Beach


Just because you are camping doesn’t mean you can’t have a fancy refreshing cocktail, and here I will share with you 3 ways that you can prepare a margarita for you and your friends. The first 2 are to prepare before you leave, while the last recipe is something you can make on site.


These ones should be consumed on the first day of camping so as to have the right consistency, however, of course, they will still taste great later on.

To make around 6 servings you will need 1 cup of fresh lime juice, half a cup of honey, 1 cup of tequila, a quarter cup triple sec, 4-5 cups of ice and salt and limes to garnish. You also need 6 mason jars with their lids.

Blend the lime juice, tequila, triple sec and ice until it is slushy and pour into the mason jars. Freeze them and when you go camping be sure to place them safely in the esky with plenty of ice. Once you are ready to drink, check the jars and if the drink is still rather solid then run a lime around the edge and dip in salt. Otherwise, you may want to get another glass/cup ready with the lime and salt and transfer the delicious mix. Don’t forget to serve with a slice of lime!

This recipe is also great for if you want to prepare a lot of drinks before a party so you won’t be so stressed on the night, or for taking on a picnic. If you want to make some that are kid friendly then simply remove the tequila and triple sec and replace with the same amount of water.


This recipe is almost the same as above, with 1 cup of lime juice, half a cup of honey, 1 cup of tequila and the salt and the limes to decorate. However, instead of using ice and blending, add 3 cups of water to the mix.

Pour the mix into ziplock bags (double bag just in case) and place in the freezer. As above, be sure to put them in an ice-filled esky as you head out camping, and then whenever you want them, get out some plastic cups and rub the rim with lime and dip in salt and pour in your mix from the bag. Put a wedge of lime on the rim of your cup to make it look pretty.


Now for the easy margarita idea for those that do not want to prepare ahead or maybe for those who want to have a backup plan.

For this recipe, get yourself a margarita mix, some tequila, triple sec and limes. You will also need a large jug with a secured lid, for example, a camping jug that also has a drinking cap to pour from. Fill the jug with the ingredients (squeeze in some juice from the limes) and shake.

Get some cups and put in some ice, then pour over the mixture.


Do you have any other ideas for drinking cocktails while camping? Share your ideas below.

Katie Reaburn

Katie is keen on cooking and adapting meals to make them easy for the campsite. She loves hosting parties with different themes, food and drinks. She enjoys writing and sharing a variety of her experiences from different cultures. She also is an animal lover having lived with a large amount of different pets.