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Experienced campers and bushwalkers are known for their resourcefulness. They can know all the techniques for tying knots, setting up camp, catching their food and surviving out in the bush. But here are some lesser known camping hacks that even the most experienced of bushwalkers and campers might not know.


• Pre-mix pancake batter in a freezer bag. When you want a hearty pancake breakfast, simply cut open one corner of the freezer bag and you have a handy piping bag.

• Pre-crack eggs into a ziploc bag. They last longer without refrigeration that way.

• Cut a slit in an old coffee canister. You can put your toilet paper inside and feed the roll through the slit. It makes a good waterproof toilet paper holder for an outside bathroom.

• Tie a V-shaped stick around a tree for an instant hanger. Give your campsite a bit of class with its very own cat and coat hanger.

• Put your phone in a ziploc bag in the rain. You can still use it (this doesn’t work for iPhones) and see the display – you can even make calls as you can hear clearly through the thin plastic.

• Rub paraffin over any shoe to give it water-resistant properties.

• Empty tictac boxes make great spice holders. They take up less space than the glass containers they are sold in and you can hold all the amount you will need on a week-long trip. Now you can take your spice rack with you camping.

• Lint rollers are good for getting insects off you, your pet and the tent walls.

• Ever fancied a bubble bath while camping? Fill your inflatable dingy with warm water and bubble bath and you can.

• Clip a binder clip over your razor blade while travelling to protect the blade and anybody’s hand who tries to grab it without looking.

Make your next camping trip a breeze. Use these unusual camping hacks for a less-stressful camping trip.


What do you think? Do you have any camping tricks or hacks to add to this list? Share your thoughts and advice through the comments section below.

Madeleine Park

Madeleine is a real green thumb and spends most of her time outdoors in her garden if she is not outdoors somewhere else.