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A sudden rainy day can ruin the fun of your camping, and you may feel nothing but terrible luck. However, there are still some fun rainy day activities that you can do to turn up your camping day.

Check out some of my rainy day activities to keep you occupied while at camp.


The most basic game for any outdoor activity and the perfect way to entertain yourself while waiting for the rain to stop. Play it with groups and add some twists or challenges for those who will lose the game to make it more fun. Playing board games is the ideal way to pass a wet-weather day. I always have something on hand in case of a rainy day.


If you’re with kids, they’ll probably be the most bored people in your tent. Making and sailing paper boats is ideal to keep them busy. Just remember they need tp wear raincoats and boots so they’ll not get soaked.


Who says you can’t have fun while it’s raining outside? Hiking while raining brings in a completely different experience. Choose an easy-to-manage trail then get your boots and raincoats on. See the different creatures that the rain has to offer.


For family camping, you can start by reading some stories to your kids. But if you’re with friends or other adults, storytelling can be done in a pass the story style. Each participant adds a bit to the story, even their very best ghost stories.


Rainy weather can turn up your sentimental mood. If it suddenly rained during your camping, sing any song and jam with your family or your friends. You can also compose a song or learn how to play the guitar. It’s always better to have someone that can actually play, I must admit.

Rain doesn’t have to spoil the fun of your camping trip, turn it around and spice up your experience instead. Do things that involve having fun in the rain. The rain doesn’t normally last too long, and you will be back to doing what you planned before you know it. When it rains, I just accept it as a part of camping.



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Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor

Jake is a global traveller who has recently called Australia his home again. If he's not travelling, he is writing about it and his experience.