Fun Around Campfire


Even if you’re a great group of friends who have a great time talking and laughing on your camping trip, there are lull times when you don’t know what to do, so I’ve put together a collection of campfire activities that will raise the energy of the night. For people who are new friends, these ideas will greatly help you to get to know each other and have an awesome time.


Although this may only be viable your first-night camping (unless you have a way to charge your phone) it is definitely something you should think about before you set off on your trip. There are hundreds of apps that you can get which are excellent for a group activity. For example ‘Heads Up’ is a game where you put the phone on your head and a word comes up, your friends can see it and have to tell you what it is without saying the word. Similar to celebrity heads, however, there is a large variety of topics and instructions (such as in some you cannot talk, or others you have to use an accent) which make it a lot more fun. Some other ones to get are ‘Psych’, ‘Evil Apples’ and ‘Who Can’t Draw’.


Everyone has a regular card deck, which for sure you will take camping, however, have you thought about playing some new games? Some Aussie favourites are 500, Euchre, Crazy Eights, Oh Hell (Bust) and President, and while you might have your own favourite it would be fun to mix things up by learning the rules for a new one.

You probably have heard of other card decks that can be bought that are super fun and sometimes just for adults. ‘Cards Against Humanity’ for example is great for seeing who in the group has the sickest mind, ‘UNO’ which everyone knows, and some more you might not have heard of are ‘5 Crowns’, ‘Joking Hazard’, ‘Drunk, Stoned or Stupid’, ‘Exploding Kittens’ and ‘Vertellis’.


Perhaps you want to stay traditional around the campfire, so you think you’ll just sing songs and tell stories. Now, this could work, but if the group is not so close-knit how can you be sure that they will all get involved? What you should do is make the singing and storytelling into competitions so that people can’t help but play along. For example, split them into groups and then have one person play or sing part of a song while the other group tries to guess what it is. Or with stories, have one person start the story and then each person adds a sentence as you go around the circle.

Also, a fun game to play is ‘20 questions’, where one person thinks of an object or subject and the others can only ask 20 yes or no questions to try and work out what it is. Don’t forget the children’s games of ‘Truth or Dare’, ‘I Spy’ or ‘Chinese Whispers’. Even more you might want to try are ‘Mafia’, ‘Make me laugh’, ‘2 Truths and a Lie’, ‘Would you rather’ and ‘Charades’.


Do you have any more games or activities that you love playing around the campfire? Share your ideas below

Katie Reaburn

Katie is keen on cooking and adapting meals to make them easy for the campsite. She loves hosting parties with different themes, food and drinks. She enjoys writing and sharing a variety of her experiences from different cultures. She also is an animal lover having lived with a large amount of different pets.