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Nothing beats eating good food when you’re out camping. The only problem is, it’s hard to cook good food when you’re camping because you don’t have everything you need to make a great meal (unless of course, you bring your whole kitchen with you). Cooking a delicious meal when camping takes a lot of prep time and ingenuity since you don’t have your entire kitchen at your disposal. So here are a few tips you can follow to ensure you can still enjoy a great camp-cooked meal.


When out camping, you need to have all the supplies you need to cook good food. Don’t forget to bring lighter fluid, a box of matches (or two) and all the cookware you need like pots, pans, etc. Bring aluminium foil as this can be very handy if you plan to roast something. Tongs and a spatula can also be useful, so don’t forget to bring them.

When cooking in your campsite, the most basic form is using direct heat. You can either wrap the food you want to cook in aluminium foil and place them over hot coals or cook them over an open fire just like you would when you’re grilling steak or burgers at your backyard. If you want to cook pasta or stew, you’ll need pots and pans and place them over hot coals. If you do this though, it is vital to manage the concentration of the hot coals, so your food pasta/stew will be cooked properly.


1. Always make sure to prepare a menu ahead of time. Planning your menu will make it easier for you to prepare the food you want to cook. It’ll also make sure that you bring all the ingredients you need. Always make a checklist of all the ingredients you need to bring.

2. Ziploc bags are your best friend. When camping, Ziploc bags are very useful because you can store all the ingredients you need in them. It’s also easier to carry compared to plastic containers.

3. Bring a portable grate. This saves you the hassle of looking for an alternative when you find out that your campsite doesn’t have a grill.

4. Let your friends or family help you prepare the food. Cooking is a lot easier if someone is there to help you. Ask your family or friends to help out in preparing the ingredients you need to cook.

5. Put liquid soap over your pots and pans before placing them over the fire, so you can quickly clean them afterwards.

6. If you’re grilling burgers, insert your finger (make sure you’ve washed it) in the middle of the patty to make a hole. This will ensure that the burger will be cooked evenly. Don’t worry about the hole you made because it will disappear once you start grilling it.

7. When grilling, apply oil to the grill so that the food won’t stick. This is especially useful if you’re grilling fish.

8. Make sure to freeze your meat at home first before you pack it. It will last longer.

9. Pre-cooking ingredients to your meal at home will allow you to cook faster when you’re at the campsite. All you have to do is reheat them on the grill.

10. If you’re packing perishable food, make sure to place it in a cooler filled with ice blocks. Ice blocks last longer than ice cubes.

Cooking in the wilderness shouldn’t be a problem as long as you keep these in mind. You can still prepare and cook sumptuous meals even if you’re out camping. Sharing a nice meal together with friends or family under the clear night sky with the cool breeze is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

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