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Everyone loves pizza. It’s a meal that just about everyone loves and it’s even easier to share. Cooking larger meals that serve everyone are the best for just about all camping situations.

Another advantage of making pizza is that you can use just about anything as a topping. It’s a great way to use leftovers from previous meals, such as chicken or a barbeque.

It’s easy enough to make a great tasting pizza with a traditional camp over cooked over the coals. It’s my go-to meal after a few days of camping and is often the meal I make after a barbeque. You know you have to plan a little smarter to make the most of everything you have when you are camping outdoors.

Here’s my easy recipe with some cooking instructions. Just make sure you old school camp oven is nice and hot on the coals before you get started.


500g Flour mix (I like to go with Focaccia or go with a pizza flour mix)
4g Yeast
2 cups of lukewarm water


I use about 300g of pizza flour mix with 4g of yeast and 1.5 cups of lukewarm water in a bowl for one large pizza that will serve about 4 people, depending on how hungry you all are. I will normally make 2 pizzas each time and that’s why you see my ingredients are doubled. Keep mixing until you get a dough, then lightly flour a smooth surface (such as a table) with flour. Knead the dough until it is smooth and has elasticity. You’ll know the dough is ready because you’ll see a transparent region in the centre when the dough is stretched.

The trick to making good dough is to add your water slowly so you get the right mix. You can always adjust by adding more flour if you have overdone it.

The next trick to making a great pizza base is letting it rest. Wrap it in cling film for at least 20 minutes. Each ball of dough you made should just about double in size. The amount you have just made should be good enough for 2 pizzas, depending on the size of your camp stove. The pizza will be the same size as the bottom of your camp stove.


This is the difference when cooking with a traditional pizza oven. You’ll need something to lightly grease your camp oven. Some oil or butter will do the job. Place your dough flat in the bottom of your camp oven. I like to make mine around 1cm in thickness but the choice is yours. If you want a thicker base, make sure you add some more oil. I also suggest pricking holes into the pizza base. That will help in cooking it and the ingredients to come.

Now you place the lid back on the camp oven. Remember, there are no toppings at this stage. Depending on the amount of heat from your coals and the way you like your pizza base, you should cook for 5-10 minutes.

Then it is time to add your toppings. Pizza sauce is readily available but if you only have tomato sauce because you are camping, make sure you add some salt to compensate for the sweetness of tomato sauce. Add your toppings at will and cook for another 15-20 minutes, watching for how well the cheese has melted. The reason why leftover chicken and barbeque meats are so good is because they are already cooked. The only raw toppings you should ever use are vegetables or fish.

Mix it up and make your favourite pizza while in the outback.


Do you have any tips to making a pizza when you are camping and fishing in the outdoors? Share your thoughts with everyone through the comments section below.

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