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Boating apps are intently created for safety use, convenience and to help you become a better boater. With just one or two taps, boating apps can help you locate your current position, check the sea conditions and help you with pretty much everything that has something to do with boating.

Make use of your mobile device while afloat by downloading useful boating apps. Check out some of the boating apps and suggestions here to help you become a better boater.


Navionics is a paid app available play store or apple store. However, this is one of the most popular boating apps today. With the Navionics app, your smartphone turns into a chart plotter that includes an array of useful function and data. Some of the features include wind forecast, tide and current data, vector cartography, depth data and more functions you can use when you download the app.


If you want to get real-time location as long as you have network access, boat beacon is an ideal app for you. It allows you to get real-time location information on boats around you too. Beat beacon needs to be purchased before use, but every cent you spend is worth it.


Seapilot includes full navigational features that allow you to download worldwide nautical charts. The service also includes real-time weather forecasts, routing and automatic updates of chart data. The base app is free but includes in-app purchases for expanding cartography and additional features.


Knowing the weather is necessary for any outdoor activity and boating is no exception. You can check the weather on the go with weather apps. There is a wide variety of options you can choose from in the play store or app store. Check reviews before making a good purchase.


Tides and currents play an important role in boating. Luckily, there are various tides and currents apps available. Those apps will provide you real-time current and tides situation in your boating area as long as you have network access.


Anchor watch lets you monitor your boat even when you’re asleep. It enables alarm sector with drift alert that’ll wake you up if the anchor starts dragging. Keep your phone charged because using GPS can easily drain the battery life.


Plan2Nav has all the basic navigating features like real-time plotting, 2d chart viewing, an on-screen compass rose, features for current, tides and weather. The base app is free, but there are in-app charges for more features.

These apps will not only entertain you during your boating trip but also make boating easier. A few apps can be your companion and source of help when required.

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