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Planning a boat trip is never complete without delicious food, but it can be tricky because of the limited space and resources you have on a boat. Preparing, cooking, eating and cleaning up can be a little challenging when you’re on a boat, so you need to bring foods that are easy to eat but are still satisfying. Finger foods are a great idea when going on a boat trip. Here are nine finger-licking good boat snacks for your boating trips.


Tacos can be messy, but the fun experience makes it all worth it. All you need to do is add cooked ground beef, your choice of toppings and taco seasoning into a bag of chips like Doritos. Mix them and you’re all set to munch your way to happiness. This is especially great when you’re bringing the kids.


Muffins are a great finger food idea not only because they’re delicious, but they’re incredibly filling, too. Prepare and bake the muffins at home, then wrap them individually for your boating trip. This boat snack is very versatile and can be made very healthy depending on what you add to it. Here are four healthy muffin ideas that won’t disappoint your taste buds:

• Low-Fat Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins: Who says pumpkin and chocolate chips don’t mesh well? Mix this with oatmeal and you have delicious and healthy muffins.
• Oatmeal Blueberry Applesauce Muffins with Walnut-Oat Streusel: Oatmeal muffins loaded with heart-healthy walnuts and blueberries can make your boat ride even more special.
• Skinny Zucchini Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins: Made with Greek yogurt; this recipe gives a healthy twist to your ordinary chocolate muffins.
• Healthy Whole Grain Carrot Coconut Morning Glory Muffins: This recipe will let you enjoy your own little carrot cake while you’re on a boat. Packed with carrots, coconut, walnuts and raisins, it can’t get any healthier than that.


You’ll never go wrong with sandwich wraps. They’re easy to prepare and bring, very versatile and both kids and adults love them. You can choose from a variety of flavours, from chicken mango wraps, turkey wraps, vegan wraps to the more kid-friendly peanut butter, banana and granola wraps. Prepare them the night before and store in a cooler box you can carry the next day.


Trail mix is a go-to boat snack because it’s effortless to prepare but perfect to munch on. Choose your favourite nuts, dried fruits or even veggies, candies or seeds. You can put them in covered jars or you may opt for sealed plastic bags, whichever is more convenient. Here are four fun and munch-worthy combinations:

• Simple: Almonds, dried cherries, dark chocolate chips, sea salt, cinnamon
• Old-School: Peanuts, raisins, M&Ms
• Tropical: Cashews, Brazil nuts, dried mango, coconut flakes, banana chips
• Fall flavours: Pecans, dried apples, maple granola, pumpkin seeds, nutmeg, cinnamon


Healthy on a stick! Choose vegetables that don’t need to be refrigerated and those that don’t spoil easily. This saves you space in your esky. Using skewers makes it easier for dipping. Add some tofu to make it more interesting. Grill or fry them, depending on your preference.


Pasta salads are easy to prepare, delicious and healthy. You can make it as healthy as you want it to be. Throw in some fresh summer greens, grilled chicken or fish. You can add some olives or roasted veggies. Just make sure to use an oil-based dressing instead of mayo to make it last longer.


Boating on a hot day needs some cool treats. Frozen grapes are perfect finger foods for boating trips. Pre-freeze the grapes the night before your trip and keep them in freezer bags. You’ll never go wrong with these juicy and healthy snacks.

Boat trips are fun but can be made even more fun when you bring along delicious and irresistible finger foods. These boat snacks are a great idea to munch on for short boat trips or in between the heavier meals during longer trips. The best part is they’re very easy to prepare and a delight to eat!



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