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With such total disparity between dog breeds and personalities, it is impossible to make generalisations about who can and cannot have a dog. It is far more valuable to talk about what dog breeds are best for what location. From inner-city apartments to rural country acreages, there is a dog with the perfect personality to match your lifestyle and space, you just need to find it.


Dogs for apartment living need to be tranquil and peaceful. It isn’t necessarily the size that matters, as larger dogs like Golden Retrievers can actually make excellent apartment dogs because of their sedentary lifestyle. What matters more is the temperament and nature, will it run around the apartment all day? Apartments are usually in busy cities, will it be easily spooked by traffic and loud noises? These are far more important questions than, how big it is.

English Bulldogs make good apartment dogs, they are calm and prefer to lie out on the sofa than run around a field. Shih Tzus are also very low energy, along with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Great Danes and Pugs. These breeds are all low energy and very easy-going, making them perfectly suited for smaller apartments and city life.


Life in the country gives you a little more freedom with your dog breeds. You likely have the space to let them run around and burn off energy and want a breed to accompany you on country walks and hikes and get involved in family outings.

Border Collies are the definitive country breed. They were bred to herd sheep in the rolling English and Scottish countryside and thrive in the outdoor lifestyle. Field Spaniels are also great family dogs, as are Dalmatians with their high energy levels and Australian Shepherds.


If you live in some of Australia’s hotter regions, you should make sure you have a breed which can handle warmer weather. Keeping a breed that isn’t designed for warmer climes in some of Australia’s hotter regions is cruel and dangerous.

Go for something like a German Shorthair Pointer, which has a water-resistant coat and enables them to stay cooler on hotter days. American Water Spaniels also have a coat designed to repel water and helps regulate their temperature, these also make great guard dogs as they are very vocal. Great Danes are also good in the heat.


If you live near a water source and want a dog to take on your aquatic adventures, be it a lazy Sunday Kayak trip, a trip to the beach, or an offshore boat trip, you need a breed that is suited to a water intensive lifestyle. These breeds were specifically bred to perform jobs around the water, with thick coats to keep them warm when wet and some even have webbed feet to help them swim.

The Boykin Spaniel was specifically bred to hunt from small boats. They are small and energetic and make great additions to a family environment with lots of stimulation. Irish Water Spaniels are also at home in the water, with thick curly fur they are well insulated in colder waters and naturally water repellent. Labradors are also excellent family dogs which love to get wet and play in the water.


Having a dog when you reach old age brings with it a whole host of health benefits. That is why many assisted living accommodations for elderly residents are now open to the idea of allowing dogs in to keep their owners company. Of course, given the lifestyle it requires a specific temperament which does not need a lot of exercise, doesn’t require much maintenance or grooming and is not very vocal.

Pugs, Schnauzers and Beagles all make excellent dogs for elderly residents. They enjoy human interaction and require minimal upkeep and maintenance. Poodles are also great for their ease of training and adaptability but will require a little more grooming than other breeds.

Wherever you live, there is a breed perfect for you. The task is to match the dog to the owner and the location, not the other way around. When you are choosing a dog make sure you think about what breed your living space lends itself to, not necessarily what breed you want.


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Philip Wallis

Philip grew up with a family of pet lovers. He particularly loves dogs and is sharing his experience with OnDECK by DINGA.