Cooking On Campfire With Cast Iron


Cast iron is popular among campers because non-stick and can last a long time, which makes the investment worth it. However, apart from these and the many delicious meals you can cook in cast iron pans and pts, there are other benefits of cooking in cast iron. Here are some of the benefits of cooking in an iron skillet.


Many of today’s non-stick pans made with Teflon aren’t good for our health. They release toxic chemicals when heated to high temperatures. Scratched non-stick pans release chemicals nasty chemicals into whatever you are cooking.

What I like about cast iron is that it is naturally non-stick and it ages well over time.


When you cook a lot, and especially when you cook at camp or outdoors, cleaning up can be tiresome. Cast iron is easy to clean, and there is a knack to knowing when not to clean your cast iron pot, pan or skillet too much.


Among the great benefits of cooking in cast iron is how it can save you from spending a fortune on cookware. Cast iron isn’t cheap, but it will last for a long time. Cast iron pots, woks, pans and skillets will probably out-live you.


The great thing about cast iron that it is virtually indestructible. Cook in it repeatedly, and your cast iron pan won’t even budge. The durability is legendary — many people are using cast-iron pans that have been handed down to them from past generations. Cast iron pans only get better as they age. So, oil it, heat it, cook in it, and your cast iron pan gets better with age.


The heavy weight of a cast iron pan is part of its magic because this is what lets it hold heat longer than other materials, which results in even cooking and a better final dish.


One of the health benefits of cooking in cast iron is how it provides a healthy boost of iron. This boost of iron is especially beneficial for women, kids and vegetarians who need an extra dose of iron. Cooking with cast iron skillets, pots and pans can give your body a little extra boost of iron.

From easy clean-up, a cast iron skillet, pot, pan or griller is simply the best way to go if you want to cook delicious meals when you are out camping and fishing. I wouldn’t leave home without a couple of pieces of cast iron.



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Kimberly Powell

Kimberly loves camping, cooking, travelling and animals. She's turned her hand to writing to share her experience.