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If you’re a seasoned angler and owns a boat, then perhaps you’ve got your basics covered. However, if you’re new to the fishing game and needs guidance, charter fishing is the answer. This is where you go fishing with a guide. You are a passenger on their boat, borrow their equipment and share in their knowledge. There are plenty of benefits to charter fishing, and so I’ve listed five of the best below.


This is probably the number one advantage of charter fishing. Aside from having a team of experienced guides and crew during your fishing trip, they’re also required by law to ensure all safety measures are in check. This lessens your list of worries and gives you more time to focus on what’s more important — to catch fish.


Usually, it’s you who need to plan and pack for a fishing trip. However, in charter fishing, you can sit back and relax and let the charter captain and crew take care of it. Normally when going fishing, it would be your responsibility to make sure you have the supplies you need and take care of the boat, but in this case, the charter captain and crew take care of it. Some charter outings are more generous by providing add-ons such as meals or snacks.

Here are some of the things included in charter fishing:
• The boat
• The crew
• A variety of fishing gear and tackle
• Bait
• Lunch
• Bottled water
• Life jackets
• Training on how to land the big one


One of the things that can make catching fish harder is not knowing where to actually catch one. Having an expert with you eliminates the problem of locating hotspots. Professional fishing charters know this very well, and they’re also skilful at reading the weather and water conditions. Aside from increasing your chances of catching fish, having experts around also keep you safe while out on the water.


The men and women who run these charters are very knowledgeable and experienced in fishing. They’ve been fishing for a long time, and have already gained more than enough knowledge to share. Aside from the basics, charter fishing lets you learn some tips, tricks and techniques on whatever you’re most concerned with. It can be from casting a bait, choosing or using lures to knowing where to fish best. You get to learn the best from the best.


Not every fishing trip ends up a success. It happens to everyone. And if you’re a beginner, chances are, you won’t go home with a catch unless you’re very lucky. Charter fishing not only teaches you the basics of fishing, but it also lets you experience a successful catch. This inspires you and gives you confidence, more importantly, it gives you more reasons to go back fishing.

Renting a boat? How about hiring a captain, too? Charter fishing makes fishing easier and so much fun. Learn from experienced anglers the basics of fishing, along with their special tips and tricks. Don’t worry about the boat, equipment and gear because they’ll all be taken care of. Guided fishing gives you the opportunity to fish and relax at the same time. Choose among the available charter fishing outings in your area and set sail worry-free with your family and friends.



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Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor

Jake is a global traveller who has recently called Australia his home again. If he's not travelling, he is writing about it and his experience.