Left Handed Fishing Reel


If you are new to fishing reels, you will be new to the terms that come along with them. Here is an explanation for the most common terms you will find associated with fishing reels.


Gear ratio tells the number of revolutions your spool can make every turn of the handle. For example, a gear ratio of 6.1:1 will spin the spool 6.1 times. A reel with over 6.2:1 ratio is already a high-speed fishing reel. Choosing the gear ratio depends on the speed of your fishing technique.


The cranking power refers to the line retrieval rate that tells how much fishing retrieves onto the spool. The size of the spool and the gear ratio greatly affects the line recovery. One way of measuring crank power is by marking actual lines when you cast your lure out and when you make one full turn of the handle.


Spool size capacity refers to the amount of the line your reel can hold. Larger reels with higher numbers can obviously hold more fishing line and are used when chasing larger fish. If you want to have a high gear ratio reel, it’s ideal to have a large-diameter spool of line.


A high-speed fishing reel is ideal if you’re catching fast pelagic species and if your fishing technique requires fast retrieve. It helps you win a tough fish fighting, and it’s also excellent casting in calm waters at a greater distance. However, each type of high-speed fishing reels. High-speed reels have a high gear ratio.


Bearings are an important part of the reel’s drive chain. More bearings are the norm in reels that are designed to catch larger fish.


The rotor arm how you crank your reel. Most reels are right handed in Australia. If you are left-handed, you should look for a left-handed reel as in the picture above. You need a comfortable rotor arm which provides pressure, especially for extended use.


A single piece of alloy is a usual material for most high-end reel body which provides strength and power. You need a reel body that moves the centre of gravity closer to the fishing rod butt. Most modern reels are designed in this way. This type of design gives the angler more power combined with the rod.


Drag is important, especially in fish fighting. Drag is a mechanism that slows down the amount of line the reel will release.

These are a few of the terms you will come across, and those I consider most important when I am looking at a new reel. The best way to know you are getting a good reel is to buy a brand name reel that is made by a company that has been in the fishing business for decades, and get it from fishing tackle retailers who know what they are talking about.



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Jackson Williams
Jackson Williams

Jackson Williams has been fishing around Australia for 20 years and loves his home region of far north Queensland.