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Mountain biking is an exhilarating and rewarding sport. You can get your adrenaline pumping by riding through rough terrain while having a great view of nature. But even though mountain biking is a great outdoor activity, it’s one that’s prone to accidents. Before you go riding, keep these five basic mountain biking safety tips in mind.


There are bikers who think it’s okay to forgo wearing a helmet, which is not true. Riding through rough terrain makes you prone to falling off your bike. This results in injuries, and a head injury is the most dangerous one to get. Wearing a helmet protects you from getting such an injury. So, even though you find your helmet uncomfortable, you still need to wear it. Additionally, make sure that your helmet has a snug fit — not too tight, nor too loose.


Apart from a helmet, wearing protective gear is one of the most basic mountain biking safety tips you should know. Your head isn’t the only place where you can sustain injuries. To protect yourself from more physical harm, you have to wear the proper gear.

For mountain biking, you must have gloves, proper shoes, proper clothes and riding glasses. Gloves protect your hands from having blisters and other injuries when you fall off your bike. Meanwhile, wearing the correct shoes makes pedalling more comfortable.

Additionally, Wearing the correct clothes, such as a long-sleeved sports shirt and padded shorts, protects you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Finally, wearing riding glasses protects your eyes from the sun’s glare.


In mountain biking, you’ll encounter many riding challenges. The terrain in a mountain isn’t flat. Apart from that, mountain trails have slopes that are too steep for some riders. These factors make biking through mountain tracks difficult.

If you feel like you can’t ride through certain parts of the trail due to the terrain or slope, don’t be afraid to get off your bike and walk. Forcing yourself to ride through rough terrain you can’t handle may just lead to accidents and injuries. Don’t be ashamed of getting off your bike and walking. Every rider has limits, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.


One of the things you don’t want to happen while mountain biking is to get lost. It is dangerous to become lost and not be prepared for it. To avoid this, try to familiarise yourself with the trail before going through it, especially if you’re riding alone. Make sure you have a way to navigate through the place, be it in the form of a physical map or a GPS navigation phone app. It’s more enjoyable to ride through the forest when you’re not worried about not knowing your way.


Undesirable situations happen often. You may fall off your bike and sustain an injury. If such a scenario happens, knowing basic first aid helps.
There are many ways to learn first aid. The best way is by studying an official course. However, if that is out of the question and you encounter an emergency, reference guides — books or apps — may be handy.

To get the most out of any outdoor activity, such as biking, you must make sure you’re doing it safely. By keeping in mind and following these basic mountain biking safety tips, you’ll be able to ride through tracks with little to no worry.



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