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Camping allows you to make a temporary home in the great outdoors. For that moment in time, everything gets pared down to the bare essentials. Admittedly, though, you still benefit from the comforts of modern living such as toilet paper, bottled water, canned food and medicine. If you want to rough it out really, you’ll need basic survival skills to survive. Thankfully, you can get practising on these camping survival skills, so you’ll be better prepared when you go on your next adventure.


Fire is your best friend when you’re out in the woods. You need it to cook food, boil water and keep you warm. It’s pretty easy to start, too, if you have matches or a lighter. However, if you really want to get back to the basics, you should learn an alternative method of making fire. There are a lot of possibilities — you can use magnesium, flint, steel, aluminium foil and even a battery. Take advantage of what is available in nature. You can use leaves, grass, dry wood as tinder.


Another important survival skill is the ability to build a shelter. If you want to rough it out, you can’t rely on your tent, air mattress, pillows and blankets. A basic shelter should provide you with protection from natural elements and wild animals. You have to choose an area that’s high and dry. It’s not advised to stay near a body of water as there’s a risk of flash flooding. If the weather is cold, you have to ensure that there’s insulation to avoid developing hypothermia.


Staying hydrated is important. If you’ve run out of your drinking water, you have to find an alternative source. You can’t just drink from any body of water, though, as lakes, streams, and rivers are most likely contaminated with bacteria and germs. Your ability to make a fire will come into play here as it will allow you to boil and purify the water. Otherwise, you have to collect rainwater.


If you want to experience living off of the land, you have to know how to forage for food. If you’re staying near a body of water, you can fish for your food. Fish is rich in protein and will give you enough energy to survive. You can search for wild plants and berries, but you must have ample knowledge of which ones are safe to eat and which ones are poisonous. Moreover, you can even search for medicinal plants to serve as natural remedies in case you have an injury.


Forget your smartphone or GPS. When it comes to your survival, it’s important to know how to do it the old-school way — using a map and compass. You need to be aware of prominent landmarks. You can also use the position of the sun and stars to help find your way back.


If you’re lost, and your two-way radios are no longer working, you have to find other ways to signal your location. You can head to higher ground and use fire, or you can use mirrors to reflect the sunlight. These are effective ways of showing others your current whereabouts.

These basic camping survival skills are important to have. Even if you’re camping in an accessible location, there’s still a chance that you might get lost or encounter an emergency. And so, if you’re in normal camping circumstances, you can start practising these survival skills. These are great tools to have as you’ll be better equipped to deal with unexpected situations while outdoors. These abilities will also make you a better and more reliable camper.



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Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor

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