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Berley is one way to greatly increase your catch rates whether you are fishing from a boat or fishing on the jetty. It seems like everyone has their own special recipe for berley. Then there are methods of distribution. There are those who swear by a proper berley bag. Then there are those like me who simply throw it in the water where I am fishing on the jetty. You can even buy the ingredients for berley in a tackle store. I like to go with my own low-cost berley mix.

This is what I use but you can modify it and see what works for you.


It’s a good idea to use a food processor when making up berley. The idea is to create an appetiser for fish and not provide them with anything that resembles a meal. I use bread because it is cheap. All you need to do is simply blend up the bread crumbs until they are super fine.


The next thing to do is add fish oil to the mix. I use any fish oil I can find in the supermarket. There are special-mix fish oils available but I find that fish oil from the supermarket does the job.


The next step is to add fish baits. Instead of throwing away your old bait, you can process it into the fine paste that is perfect for berley. There is a lot that you can use. As long as it is not rotten, it makes for great berley. For example, prawn heads, octopus, squid or the remains of any fish or fish product you have will do the job. You can even ask your local fishmonger for their scraps.


Making berley at home is a great way to use instead of waste food. I’ll use the ends of salami, old ham and the off cuts of chicken. Whatever you do, make sure you use that blender to make sure you have a fine paste at the end.


The easiest way to control the release of berley is by freezing it. This way you can put the frozen block into a bag in the water and let it do the work. Some people use a bucket in the same way. Another method is to use those large plastic milk bottles. You can freeze them with your berley mix and drop them in the water with the lid off and let the defrosting process do the work.


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Robert M Davies
Robert M Davies

Robert passed the "Obsessed With Fishing Test" with flying colours. Instead of talking, Robert has turned his hand to writing about his experience in fishing all around Australia.