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The development of modern technology can bring a new dimension to your fishing game. I just love mobile apps as a growing list of my fishing weaponry because they improve my catch rates and enhance performance. These are my favourite apps at the moment, use them and it will mean you’ll never want to get in a boat or on your kayak or go on a fishing trip without your mobile on board again.


Recfishwest brings you all the fishing regulations you need at the touch of a button. When you’re in the middle of nowhere or miles offshore, enjoying the peace and quiet, but aren’t sure of your legal sizes or bag limits, Recfishwest can be a big help as long as you have network coverage. It also has a useful fish identification feature full of finfish, crustaceans and molluscs, letting you know what it is, its legal sizes and of course if you can eat it.

Available for: Android and iOS


Specifically designed for Australia with the help of marine biologists, Catchability connects the Australian fishing community and allows you to share what species you caught and the location. You can follow your mates and upload your pictures for bragging rights, as well as follow a fish species to find out where they are biting. It’s free to download and for the competitive fishos, there is a catch of the week competition with a leaderboard.

Available for: Android and iOS


This app uses meteorological information to predict what baits will be effective, where the fish will bite and when they will be biting. The social network also allows you to show off your prize catches and connect with your fishing mates to see what they are hauling in. The app is free but there is a payment option to unlock more features.

Available for: Android and iOS


This social media app combines useful maps which allow you to pin drop to mark and share locations with other Australian anglers and your mates. It can be useful to see what species are being caught where and lets you save your favourite locations. There is also a handy calendar feature to let you plan your next fishing trip with your mates and then share photos of the fish you catch.

Available for: Android and iOS


My Fishing Mate Australia is full of regulation information and provides identification for more than 650 species of fish and invertebrate. It lets you go a little further, providing you with information on the life cycle and diet of the fish you find.

Available for: Android


This app can give you the best chance of catching fish at a given location by providing the best times and weather data. You also have the ability to search through nearby spots to find a place where the fish will be biting at your time. It will set you back $2.53, but it is a useful app to maximise your time on the water.

Available for: Android and iOS


Ground zero for up to date weather information in Australian waters. Seabreeze Weather gives a 7-day forecast for winds, tides, swells, moon phases, weather and temperatures. The cost is a little steep at $5.99 but the information is comprehensive.

Available for: Android and iOS


A detailed map and list of the boat ramps in Australia. Users are also able to add to the extensive directory meaning it is constantly expanding.

Available for: Android and iOS


Providing tutorials and pictures for cover knots, braids and hooks directly to your mobile. It’s completely free and is helpful when you’re in a jam.

Available for: Android


Is there any other app you think should be in this article? Let us know and share your experience in the comments section below.

Oli Ward

Oli has camped and hiked his way around Australia and most of Europe. He also loves writing about his experiences and sharing his knowledge.