Kid Beach


There are many ways to get out and see a bit of Australia, but none of them come close to camping. You can keep all your fancy hotels, with your room service, fine dining restaurants and spas. Aside from being good for your soul, camping is also the best way to explore this large rock and see the wonders it has to offer.


It feels like Australia was built for long road trips with a car loaded to the brim or better yet, a caravan or motorhome. The cities are small and easy to navigate around, with the exception of Melbourne and those hook turns. Once you leave suburbia behind you and get away from the buildings, the horizon rolls out in front of and the road slingshots you towards it and you are sure there is nowhere better on earth to drive a campervan.


The Aussies you meet camping are some of the best breeds of people the country has to offer. Within minutes of pulling up to a campsite, some kind soul has already told you where the best fishing locations are, where the beach is, and often invites you over for a beer or wine. Camp around Australia a few times and see how many new mates you come away with.


Australia has some of the most impressive stargazing locations thanks to the small cities and sparsely populated outback. Why would you want to be anywhere else than under the stars on a warm summer’s night?


With so many locations to free-camp, camping can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. The other great thing about staying in free campsites is, providing they aren’t in a national park, dogs are usually allowed. This is a must for me as I wouldn’t dream of leaving my four-legged friend at home to miss out on the fun.


Barbies are an integral part of Australian culture. Until I can light a fire in the middle of my hotel room and cook dinner on it with a group of mates, I will stick to camping.


Wildlife is everywhere, from roos to koalas to reptiles and insects and even more wonderful birds. What better way to see it than in its natural habitat (that doesn’t mean on the side of the road as you fly past)?


Every Australian sport can be made better playing on sand, can’t it? No summer is complete without a serious beach cricket test with all the family.

Still not convinced? Are you sure you don’t work for a hotel in the city?


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Oli Ward

Oli has camped and hiked his way around Australia and most of Europe. He also loves writing about his experiences and sharing his knowledge.