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Here are some tips for those who know little about fishing but would love to learn more. Starters and beginners need to learn more about these terms and how to go about using or doing them.


Bait: Worms are the most widely used bait for fishing. If you go for live bait or lure, remember to buy fresh bait and keep them cold to prevent them from softening up and loosening from the hook. Other popular live baits are skin from fried chicken, chicken liver, grasshoppers, fish entrails, salmon eggs, crayfish tails and shrimp.

Tackle: Hooks and sinkers are two other things to be aware of while dropping your line. You need weights to plunk your line – these vary widely depending on the water body, current and the fish you’re targeting. If in doubt, use a bank sinker with a number 2 hook.

You need a swivel to prevent your sinkers from sliding – appropriately sized swivels enable you to attach your sinkers. You can use plastic beads between the swivel and the weight to protect the knot.


Plunking: This is what it sounds and is the most common method of fishing. All you need is a suitable weight that will support your bait in the current, so that the movement is just right for fish to grab at it.

Back Bouncing: This is when you hold the bait up from the bottom by raising the tip of your rod a foot or two. Then free up your spool or reel, allowing the bait to “walk the current” at the same time. Repeat until catch. Back bouncing is helpful in moderately deep waters.

Drifting: This has nothing to do with the fast and furious. Just cast upstream or downstream depending on the strength of the current, calculate the proper depth and start reeling.


Fishing in deep water varies vastly from fishing on shore. One thing you’ll need is heavier jig heads. You also need to make sure your line is going straight down from your boat and your weight is keeping your lure near the bottom of the water. This allows you to drift the boat along with any current. A good tactic of fishing on boats is trolling slowly using a bottom-walker.

Fishing is easy as long as you enjoy it. Go with family or friends to make sure your first time angling turns out to be a memorable one.


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