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Unless you are going on an extended vacation around Australia or you are retired and have left it all behind, owning a caravan normally means you will have it parked in the driveway of your home most of the time. The same goes with a boat. Sometimes I am sure there are more boats in backyards than there are in the water. Unless one has loads of free time, these recreational vehicles don’t get used nearly as much as we want them to, not to mention getting value out of the money we invested by using them enough.

I have thought about sharing the cost of a boat or a caravan with friends but have also imagined managing the relationship would get very tricky. There are just too many things that can go wrong when attempting to co-own something like a boat, jet ski or caravan with people close to us (both physically and emotionally).

Well, it isn’t impossible. I recently stumbled upon “Sharebuyit”. I haven’t tried it myself and I am on the lookout for some trustworthy user reviews.

Proportionate ownership-and-use can be a very good way to own something that you don’t use all the time. This works much in the same way as timeshare properties. However, it is important there is a third party and agreements between all owners so that everything stays smooth and those relationships are not strained.

Sharebuyit appears to provide a very impressive service and is worth checking out. P2P collaborative ownership is an alternative way of owning what you want, and of course, reducing the cost of owning it. Dual share-buying is the term used for P2P collaborative ownership between 2 owners.

This is what they have to say on their website…

“Want that Caravan, Boat, Bike, Jet Ski, Surf Ski or off road bike at a fraction of the price? In fact, for anything you can’t use 100% of the time -the answer is simple, just Sharebuyit. At Sharebuyit, not only is your outlay slashed, so too are your ownership and running costs.” Sharebuyit

Sharebuyit offers an alternative way to own a camper trailer, a caravan, a boat, property, jet skis, gym equipment, horse floats, even surfboards to golf clubs and more.

Here is a Youtube video that’s worth taking a look at.

You can find more details on the Sharebuyit website.


Are you involved with or a member of Sharebuyit or do you know anyone involved? What can you say about your experience or what you know? Let us know through the comments section below because we would really like to know.

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