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For many fishing lovers, spinning reels are more popular baitcasters as their tool of choice, perhaps because they’re easier to use. They also perform better than the others for light-line applications. Picking the best light spinning reel, however, becomes tricky and confusing when you’re on a budget. The following are some of the best picks for the most affordable light spinning reels a beginner fisho can get his or her hands on.


Retailing at about $70, the Okuma Avenger X fishing reel small sizes, AV25X and AV30X, give your budget a sigh of relief. The Okuma Avenger lets you enjoy easy finesse-style fishing without sacrificing high performance. If you’re eyeing for cost-effective fishing reels that can deliver, Okuma is another great choice.

Specs include:
• +1 ball bearings
• Max drag: 3kg
• Line retrieve: 64cm per crank
• Gear ratio: 5.0:1
• Lightweight, corrosion-free graphite body and rotor
• Braid locking spool
• Multi-disc, Japanese oiled felt drag system

Benefits include:
• The smaller reels are an amazing choice for inshore grounds (both salt and freshwater)
• Its 6+1 bearing provides seamless operation, particularly under load
• Its high resistance to corrosion assures a longer life for your reel
• Three kilograms of drag will easily allow you to turn a fish away from the structure
• The computer-balanced rotor system gives an incredibly smooth feel
• Its ergonomics and strength give you an advantage during tough fights

Okuma highlights quality reels with friendly price tags.


The Sienna reel is the most affordable line offered in the Shimano fishing reel range retailing at about $70 in the light reel class. But don’t be deceived by its low price, the Shimano Sienna is the go-to reel for many experienced anglers for their inshore fishing. Despite being tagged as an entry-level spinning reel, the Sienna has helped Shimano entrench its name in the spin reel manufacturing industry. There have been many variations of the Sienna, but its core principles remain as simple, robust, capable and easy to use.

Specs include:
• R-C Spool
• XGT-7 body
• Dyna Balance
• Varispeed II
• 10-year warranty
• Ball bearings 1+1

Benefits include:
• The new XGT-7 has a low centre of gravity body for ease of use
• The one bearing provides reliability and smooth application
• It’s compact and easy to carry
• It promises long life and durability
• It’s a budget-priced reel with technology


The Penn Fierce has been known for its strength and durability. And when the second-generation Penn Fierce reel was released in September 2015, it quickly gained a huge following. As part of its list of upgrades from its older sibling, Penne Fierce II’s much heavier grade bail wire further increased durability. With 4 bearings plus the Techno-Balanced rotor, anglers are assured of smooth cranks, while keeping the gears perfectly intact. Perhaps Penn Fierce II’s best feature is how it provides excellent performance and durability at an entry-level price (about $100).

Specs include:
• Sports metal body fishing reel and metal side plate
• 5 ball bearings (4+1 anti-reverse bearing) shielded stainless steel
• Front, oil felt drag system
• Bail wire: Heavy-duty aluminium
• Superline spool
• Line capacity rings
• 2500LL model is a live liner, dual drag system for fishing live and flesh baits

Benefits include:
• Its full-aluminium body and side plate ensure that gears are kept perfectly intact, even under high pressure and the heaviest of loads
• It offers heavy-duty bail wire, which easily gives you strength and durability
• It has a Superline spool, which is ideal for either mono or braid
• 4+1 bearings ensure smooth reel operation
• Stainless construction means long working life under tough salt conditions

Light tackle fishing doesn’t mean less effort because, sometimes, it poses more challenges for anglers. Choose from an array of affordable light spinning reels that have revamped the meaning of finesse fishing. Any one of these reels is a great place to start fishing for a wide range of readily available species.



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Robert M Davies
Robert M Davies

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