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Electric boat motors have revolutionised the world of fishing. Most boat and canoe anglers now consider an electric motor an essential fishing item. In fact, many anglers, particularly lure fishers, are so dependent on electric boat motors that they struggle to fish without them.

Once a ‘leccy’ is mounted on your boat, your fishing opportunities and abilities rapidly expand. Here are some reasons why everyone who has a small boat or kayak should have an electric motor.


An electric boat motor dramatically increases your ability to keep control of a watercraft. Whether you are turning into a narrow creek or holding over a mark, an electric has more control than an outboard motor. Lure fishing without an electric requires anchoring to a fixed point or drifts that are at the mercy of wind and current. Electric motors allow lure anglers to fish along banks or features in a steady and controlled manner.

Many modern electric motors also incorporate a GPS function that memorises a mark with the push of a button. The electric motor then automatically counteracts any wind or current movement and ensures that your boat holds in that exact position. This remarkably handy feature allows you to focus on catching fish rather than controlling the boat.


Electric motors dramatically enhance the manoeuvrability of your watercraft. Electric motors help you to weave through snags, thick vegetation and narrow creeks that would not be accessible with an outboard motor.

Electric motors also feature an adjustable shaft to control the running depth. Trim up your motor and you’ll be exploring shallow flats that you never thought possible.


Unlike the racket made by outboard motors that alerts fish to your approach, electric motors provide the ultimate in stealth. This is an especially important factor in small waterways.

Electric motors are whisper quiet and completely negate the noise and vibration problems of outboard motors. In many cases, an electric motor will allow you to sneak up and spot fish resting near the surface, in snags, or at the edge banks, long before they see or hear you!

Electric motors enable you to get more casts to more fish.


Electric motors also provide a handy source of backup power. If there are problems with the outboard motor, an electric motor may provide you with enough power to get back to a boat ramp or reach the safety of land.

On extended canoe trips, a transom mount electric motor can provide welcome relief from paddling. It can also speed up your progress if you are pressed for time.


Electric motors are clean and easy to use. They require very little maintenance and are powered by rechargeable 12-volt batteries. Electric motors save fuel costs and can be easily removed and stowed or placed on another vessel.

The tiller steer and foot control systems of electric motors are intuitive and simple to control. The hand remote models are even easier to operate and allow multiple anglers to share control of the electric and boat.

Electric motors have fast become must-have items for boat fishing adventures. If you are new to electric motors try to hit the water with a friend or fishing buddy and see how they work. Once you experience the versatility and advantages of electric motors, you will clearly understand why most of today’s anglers wouldn’t be on the water without one.

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One quick final note, it is important that you check and understand the marine safety laws specific to your state, territory or region.


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Peter Hollingsworth
Peter Hollingsworth

Peter has been fishing all around Australia since he was a boy. He loves camping, fishing and kayak fishing.