It’s about including everyone to enjoy those outdoor experiences. Everyone has an equal voice, and everyone should always feel that others appreciate them as they are adding value to the community whilst enjoying the outdoors.


We’re done with stereotypes.


Giving things a try, and getting so surprised along the way, because when you get out there, you see a fish and the fish sees you, native Kookaburras hang around to give you a sing and dance, or you just experience what it is like to have so much space around you. That deep blue sea and sky not seen anywhere else, and red desert sands. Or maybe you are travelling “the big lap” and meet so many wonderful people, and you’re never alone, even if you do decide to travel, for months.


Or you just turn off your phones and get together for 5 days.


Things change.


Our coasts, rivers and waterways are amazing, so amazing. There’s a whole other world just under the water and all around us that we all talk about.


Being greeted by native wallabies in the morning, wild cockatoos, screaming out their 4am song in morning and 5pm evening rant. Have you ever heard it for real? It feels like they are are yelling out, hey how are you doing, are you enjoying yourself?


Inclusivity includes everything to get up close, forget widescreen, this is a full panoramic view.


Are you always stuck in your chair, in the office, at home, in your rig, or are you banging more nails into wood everyday or laying concrete?


Try a bit of the outdoors and get some freedom space into your head.


Give your children somewhere other than the concrete jungle. Or go the other way, go with the crowds to camping parks, and all the fun facilities of home that you maybe don’t have.


Leave your family behind (whoops), or take them with you.


Take on a challenge, be the king of the mountain, even with guided tours, it’s not the first step, it’s the few more you make after that.


When was the last time you felt exhilarated over something you can only do?


Getting wet when it rains, landing face-first in the snow, even a short walk can become quite addictive. Because you feel so good afterwards, and your body will appreciate the movement and activity putting you on the path to a longer, healthier and happier life.


This is an awesome country, and the best way to enjoy it is to get out there. Because those experiences will change you, you’ll really love Australia and enjoy all the experiences around you.


You can fly, you can drive, you can ski, you can run, bike, walk, sit, caravan and camp, you can get away on a fishing kayak, you can drink martinis and glamp. You can do it all.

What are you waiting for?