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Most avid Bass anglers have built up quite a collection of lures in their tackle box. If you’re new to Bass fishing, you shouldn’t be discouraged if your tackle box isn’t as full as theirs. All you need are the essentials — nine tried-and-tested Bass lures versatile enough to be used all year round. No matter the season and waterbody type, these lures for Bass fishing are guaranteed to get you that catch.

1. JIG

The skirted jig is one of the most versatile lures for Bass fishing you can use. It’ll give you results regardless of whether the weather is cold or warm. It also produces the same results whether you use it in shallow or deep water. The different coloured jigs are also able to emulate a variety of baitfish.


Anglers use crankbaits when they want to cover water quickly. Crankbaits can be used in various depth zones. Crankbaits with square bills are ideal to use in shallow water while the big-lipped plugs are used in water with depths of up to 30 feet. In colder temperatures, using a slender crankbait with flat sides and a subtle wobble will get you that catch.


The jerkbait is an essential lure to have in your tackle box. These lures can mimic the appearance of wounded minnows, which are known to be very irresistible to Bass. Jerkbaits also shine, particularly in cold water.


Some anglers might not think much of the finesse worm, but it’s one lure that must always be present in your tackle box. Why? Despite their simple appearance, worms get the job done. Bass will definitely eat the finesse worm lure, guaranteeing plenty of strikes for the angler.


Another very effective Bass lure is the Crawfish lure. Some anglers even use it as their go-to bait. Bass are unable to resist eating crawfish, making Crawfish lures an essential in your tackle box.


The swimbait has built up a reputation for getting you the biggest Bass. This lure can take on the characteristics of different baitfish species so they can be used throughout the seasons.


Lipless crankbaits are best used to cover shallow water quickly. Lipless crankbaits produce vibration, noise and have speed. You can use them to fish through grass, stumps and open water. They’re also best used in spawning areas.


Another fun lure to use for Bass fishing is the frog bait. Frog baits are most effective when used in fishing locations that have thick weeds and heavily lily-padded areas. In this dense vegetation situation, Bass are known to be lurking about and waiting to engulf their prey. However, bait fish are not usually found in this area so the Bass then moves on to the amphibians. Bass are most likely to attack anything that moves within this microenvironment.


Topwater walking baits produce one of the most exciting Bass fishing experiences. The lure’s slender profile allows it to sashay across the water. Its ‘walk the dog’ back-and-forth movement garners interest even from a distance. Topwater walking baits mimic a struggling bait fish, so they are guaranteed to produce some hits. It is also ideal to use on open water to locate feeding Bass.

It doesn’t matter how full your tackle box is, make sure have these essential lures for Bass fishing because you’re guaranteed to have a great Bass fishing experience. Sometimes, it takes experience to really know what lure to go with at a particular time, so just keep trying each one out and see what works best for you in different situations. Fish are fussy at times, so mixing it up is another skill of the experienced angler.


Are there any other lures you think should be on this list? Share your experience below.

Jackson Williams
Jackson Williams

Jackson Williams has been fishing around Australia for 20 years and loves his home region of far north Queensland.