Mountain Biking Apps


If you are a mountain bike enthusiast, these apps are for you. Use these apps before, during, and after your ride to add a little something extra to your adventure.


Singletracks provides information on trail locations, lengths, difficulties and photos. It also has a review system where the community gives a trail a rating out of five, so you can find the best and most enjoyable trails near you.
Cost: Free
Available on: iOS and Android


For the nerds among us, Bike Gear Calculator offers a fascinating insight into the mechanics of mountain biking. The app calculates the time it takes to travel a set distance based on different gear ratios. Not only is this fun exercise in itself, it is useful for choosing chainrings for a specific ride.
Cost: Lite version is Free, or $1.99 for the full version
Available on: iOS and Android


A comprehensive database of bike problems and solutions. Whenever you have a problem with your bike, just select the part of the bike you are having difficulty with, diagnose and fix the problem. The instructions are easy to follow and incredibly thorough. Even a rider with very limited knowledge of bike mechanics will find they can fix most problems with a little help from the app. A definite ride saver.
Cost: $2.57
Available on: iOS and Android


Even your solo rides can be competitive with Strava. The app tracks your performance and lets you compete against other riders in challenges.
Cost: Free to download but then you have to subscribe.
Available on: iOS and Android


Get a quick coaching session without dropping a wedge of cash on an instructor. Dirt School gives video tutorials on mountain biking skills and is a nifty way to polish your technique on the fly.
Cost: $7
Available on: iOS


When you’ve struggled your way up a mountain and take a moment to admire the view and catch your breath, you can use PeakFinder to find out the names of the mountains stretching out across the horizon. Just point your phone at them and an interactive map with all the names of the peaks will appear.
Cost: $3.99
Available on: iOS and Android


There is a whole array of mountain biking games, but Shred is by far and away the best I have played. The graphics are decent for a mobile game and it is surprisingly addictive. A good distraction for idle thumbs while you wait for your friends to catch up with you.
Cost: Free
Available on: iOS and Android

Download these apps to add a little something different to your ride and embrace the digital age of mountain biking.


Are there any apps you can add to this list? Share your thoughts through the comments section below.

Oli Ward
Oli Ward

Oli has camped and hiked his way around Australia and most of Europe. He also loves writing about his experiences and sharing his knowledge.