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If you’re looking for somewhere new to take your kayak or canoe, then Perth is the destination for you. The Western Australian region has a handful of beautiful spots perfect for paddling. Are you all set for a new adventure? Check out my favourite paddling trails in Perth.


An easy first stop for kayaking or canoeing is the stretch of water from under the Narrows Bridge to Elizabeth Quay. The paddling distance is about 2km and goes around in a loop. The trip roughly takes 1 to 3 hours, depending on the wind and your speed. Once you get to Elizabeth Quay, you can settle on a small beach and explore the city.


A coastal destination for paddlers in Perth is the Little Island Kayak Trail. Like Elizabeth Quay, the aquatic journey might take 1 to 3 hours and goes around in a loop. The destination can be found in Hillary’s, which is situated in the northern suburbs of Perth. Enjoy the beautiful scenery as you paddle to the sand and limestone island, appropriately named Little Island.


Another entry in the list of scenic paddling trails in Perth, Burswood is the best of both worlds. It’s close enough to the city but gets you away from the hustle and bustle of traffic. The journey takes half a day if you make a lot of stops, but experienced paddlers can do it in less. All in all, the trip has a distance of 7km if you go around in a full loop. Take your entire family with you. Pack a picnic. Make a day of it.


This 8-km river is perfect for nature lovers. The place is a bird sanctuary, filled with all types of birds. You can spot ducks, water hens and even pelicans. Apart from birds, there are also plenty of fish as well as a heaping helping of trees. Better get your camera ready! It’s a relatively easy trail to go kayaking or canoeing, usually taking only 1 to 3 hours to complete.


Those who seek adventure must go to North Fremantle. This trail is 8km long and goes around in a loop. Like the Canning River Wetlands, it’s dotted with wildlife, but it can take half a day to fully enjoy everything it has to offer. There are beaches to visit and areas to swim in, so taking your entire family is a good idea. You can also explore the caves and cliffs around the place. Just remember to be careful!


This coastal paddling trail located 45 minutes from Perth is the textbook definition of breathtaking. The place boasts of an abundant offering of fun activities – from lounging at the beach to snorkelling and surfing in the sea. Limestone cliffs can also be found in the area, which makes for a picturesque view. With several things to do, it’s no wonder it will take half a day to make the trip worthwhile.


Paddlers can try kayaking or canoeing in this moderately difficult trail set in Rockingham. Start from Point Peron and make your way to Garden Island where beaches await. Particularly brave explorers can go snorkelling and see what the word down below has to offer. Allow half a day to take advantage of the trail and its many perks.

What are you waiting for? Bask in the sun and get out there. Whether it’s a river close to the city or a trail near the coast, these are just some of the paddling trails in Perth that I have enjoyed. The next time you’re in the area, grab a kayak or canoe and start paddling.



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Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor

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