Luxury Camping Tent


You don’t have to go all-out to experience glamorous camping or ‘glamping’. Just by elevating your camping gear and equipment, your camping experience can be that much more luxurious. Read on to find out six simple upgrades you can do to elevate your camping experience.


Campers who want more luxurious digs can upgrade their tent. Most camping guides suggest using a tent just the right size for all its occupants. For the glamping experience, however, it’s better to upgrade to a larger, more spacious tent. You will not feel cramped and since there’s more space, you can double up on bedding, blankets and pillows.


Ditch the sleeping bags on your upcoming glamping trip. Instead, bring along an inflatable mattress for more comfort. Since you have more space in your tent, setting up an air mattress will be too much trouble. Not only will it feel more luxurious, but you also get a good night’s sleep too!


To keep your tent strictly as a sleeping area, campers can have a separate lounging area. You can set up a canopy tent or a shade shelter beside your tent. This can serve as the location for your other activities such as reading a book, playing instruments and preparing food.


One of the joys of camping is being able to just sit, relax and appreciate nature. Usually, campers are able to do this by sitting on blankets on the ground or on logs of wood. To make this simple activity much more upscale, campers can choose to sit in style and comfort. By opting for the standard camping chairs, you’re already significantly elevating your experience. For even more added luxury, campers can bring inflatable chairs and hammocks.


Sitting around the campfire is great for making you feel warm and toasty. When it comes to eating, though, it’s hard to eat with one hand while the other one is holding your plate. This is where a portable camping table comes in handy. It’s big and long enough to accommodate several people. Some tables even come with storage so you can keep your crockery and utensils above the ground.


One thing that spells the difference between roughing it out and glamping is the presence of a bathroom. Sure, it’s impossible to have any sort of plumbing while camping. This doesn’t mean that you can’t set up a temporary shower and toilet. A pop-up camping shower will give you the privacy you need while getting yourself clean. You can also set up another pop-up camping shower for your portable flush toilet. With these additions, you no longer have to worry about going to the bathroom.

If you’re heading off to campsites almost every weekend, you must consider upgrading your gear to make your outdoor excursions much comfortable and luxurious. Without having to worry about minor inconveniences such as keeping your things clean or not getting enough sleep, you’re in a better mood to relax and enjoy the gorgeous views and landscapes nature has to offer.


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Kimberly Powell
Kimberly Powell

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