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Even after careful planning and packing, things can get chaotic once you get to your campsite. You spend so much time rummaging through bags to find what you’re looking for. To enjoy a stress-free camping experience, it’s important to have everything neatly organised. This is especially true for your camping kitchen as food is your most valuable resource while outdoors. Read on to learn how to organise camping food and kitchen.


When packing for your camping trip, place all your food items in clear containers that can be stacked on top of each other. Because they’re clear, you can easily spot which container you need. Most containers are durable and airtight, so you won’t have to worry about spillage or the smell leaking and to attract wild animals. These containers will house all your spices, condiments, snacks and ingredients. You can also have larger clear storage boxes for canned food and other dry goods.


Apart from having see-through containers, putting labels on everything will make the search much more efficient. You won’t have to open each container to find out what exactly is inside. Whenever your camping companions want a snack, they don’t have to keep asking you. They can quickly search for it.


Camping is all about going back to the basics. You should keep this in mind when packing for your camping trip. Bring just enough crockery, utensils, plates and mugs. When it comes to meals, stick to what you know best. Also, pack ingredients that are versatile, so they can be used for a variety of recipes. When it comes to packing camping food, it’s best to have a meal plan and only bring items that are essential to your chosen recipes.


Instead of having your food items in separate bags, set up a camping pantry. By setting up a designated area, everything will be in one location. You won’t need to run to and from different corners of your campsite. Ideally, your camping pantry should be in a dry area and protected from the sun’s UV rays. It must also be placed relatively close to the campfire or cooking stove so meal preparation will also be more organised.

Show your camping companions this area, so they’ll quickly find whatever food item they’re looking for. After taking out the items from your camping pantry, make sure everyone knows to return them to their correct places.


Make sure all perishable items are kept in coolers. Only bring what you’ll be able to use to prevent raw ingredients from spoiling. Food and drinks must be kept in separate coolers. Since you’re outdoors, people are more likely to drink every so often. By having a separate cooler for your ingredients, you’ll minimise air exposure that results from opening the cooler continuously. If you’re camping a lot, you may also want to invest in a camping fridge.

Learning how to organise camping food and having an organised camping kitchen will give you a much-desired peace of mind. You won’t have to waste time searching and to arrange items every time someone wants a particular snack or meal. This time can be better devoted to the different activities you planned for your camping trip.



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