Whale Surfaces While Whalewatchers Look On


You don’t have to pack and store your boat just because it’s winter. For summertime boaters, you can consider taking your boat out in the winter as it’ll provide you with unique experiences you wouldn’t typically get on any other season. If you still need some convincing, here are five reasons to enjoy boating in the winter.


Winters in Australia are milder than what the other places around the world experience. You get to experience colder temperatures — but not to the point of freezing! It will also be more comfortable because you don’t have to contend with hot and humid air that is typical in the summer. Since there are fewer clouds, you are also able the see the perfect blue skies. Likewise, in the winter, the water is less unpredictable. There are fewer waves because the water tends to be calmer.


Most people have yet to discover the joys of boating in the winter. Since most of the boats are locked up in storage during this time, you’re less likely to run into other people while out in the water. With less boat traffic, you can relax more as you enjoy what the ocean has to offer. Boating in the winter is perfect for those who want to feel like they’re temporarily detached from society.


There’s also more marine life to see and appreciate while boating in the winter. Particularly, humpback whales are known to make appearances as they travel north to avoid the frigid Antarctic winter. They pass by the east coast of Australia, through Sydney Harbour and the Gold Coast in New South Wales. Boaters will be treated to a once-in-a-lifetime experience as they get to see whales up close as they leap out of the water.


Even in the winter, boaters can still have fruitful fishing expeditions. Depending on their location, they often get to catch more fish. Fish also tend to form schools making them somewhat easier to locate. Winter fishing on a boat is one of my favourite experiences and I always end up catching more fish.


There are specific measures you have to take when boating in the winter. This means more boat maintenance and preparation before heading out to sea. You should also wear appropriate gear, have flasks and other items to keep you warm and functional safety equipment. Despite having more things to prepare, this experience will surely make you a better boater. As you gain experience with more challenging conditions, boating during the other seasons will become a breeze.

Even though the official casual boating season has come to an end, this shouldn’t stop boaters from heading out into the ocean and enjoy boating in winter. The cooler temperatures make the experience more enjoyable.

This is something that will be very rewarding for those you crave adventure all year round. Winter boating adventures will definitely offer something new, even to the most experienced boaters out there. But as always, exercise caution before heading out to the waters, and always check the weather to make sure it’s safe.



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