Glamping With Wine


When planning great outdoor activities, camping is on top of anyone’s list. Who doesn’t want to relish the light breeze on their face, the smell of fresh flowers and trees and the soothing sound of rustling leaves and running water? But with the changing of times, camping has taken on a new twist, and we call it glamping (glamorous camping, for the uninitiated). Glamping is a cross between nature and luxury; the perfect way to enjoy nature without having to sacrifice comfort. To experience the best glamping, here are five helpful glamping tips and ideas.


The right location plays a huge role in making any experience worthwhile. For your glamping adventure, pick a safe area with a great — if not breathtaking — view. If you’re bringing the kids along, it’s nice to have a nearby beach, zoo, or park, so you have optional activities for them. Location is key in glamping! Mark this a priority on your list of glamping tips and ideas.


One of the few things that separate camping from glamping is comfort. Forget about the traditional tents and sleeping bags, using only your blankets or jackets as pillows. Glamping allows you to incorporate luxurious and comfortable beddings, pillows, fuzzy blankets, an air mattress and even furry rugs into your innovative and gorgeous tent of choice.


Traditional camping only needed flashlights, a campfire or typical lanterns. But with glamping, lighting is made more fun. Set the mood right by adding a variety of lighting for that perfect balance of soft, warm and comforting glow. Choose from fairy lights, lantern lights, jars filled with candles to scented candles to envelop your senses. It’s also nice to light the path with garden lights or tent stakes.


This is where glamorous steps in. Glamping allows you to bring comfort and luxurious touches from your home to the glampsite. Depending on your theme or mood, decorate the interior of your tent with pieces that can be both useful and will add a luxurious touch to your glampsite. It can be a vintage mirror, rustic crates, Moroccan rugs or faux fur throws. Don’t forget to make the outside of the tent as inviting as the inside. You can add large baskets, lanterns and candles, wicker chairs or a nice picnic table, a hammock, a portable grill and matching enamel dishes, bowls and mugs.


What is glamping without food? Aside from toasted marshmallows, glamping is all about delicious but nice and easy-to-prepare food. Mini burgers are a great idea, especially for the kids. Burritos are also a favourite, as well as BBQs and creamy plates of pasta. Throw in some pretzels, popcorns, nuts and fruits to make it more colourful and fun. And don’t forget to wash them down with refreshing cocktails or wine.

Glamping is, indeed, a rising trend in the outdoor world today — a luxurious escape from the banality of everyday life. It’s modern camping or camping made better. For those who want to give glamping a try, make the experience worth every effort and second by preparing well beforehand. This lowers any chance of spoiling the adventure. Make a list of glamping tips and ideas that will cater to your taste and needs, and don’t forget to check the weather. This way, you can enjoy nature with your family or friends with the little luxuries of home at the same time.



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Jane F

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