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Fishing is a sport that will test your patience, planning and perseverance. So, why not gift your fisherman dad, husband, boyfriend or female friend with something that can make his or her next fishing trip more convenient and enjoyable? But, what else can you give him or aside from reels, rods and hooks? Here are five great gift ideas for fishos!


What’s better than full-body protection? A no-see-suit is a pair of jacket and pants made of ultra-fine mesh fabric. The jacket has a pullover hood that can be zipped completely. It also has drawstring closures at the wrist and waist. This suit is comfortable and protects arms and legs from annoying mosquito and other bug bites. The jacket is very light and durable, which makes it easy to carry and use. Mark this on your list of gift ideas for fishos.


To complement the bodysuit, throw in a mosquito net hat. This hat is made of fine mesh that fits over almost any hat to give the fisherman protection from those annoying bugs found often near the water. It’s very light and completely breezy, so there is no need to worry about discomfort or distraction while fishing. The mosquito net hat is very travel-friendly, and it comes with its own carry pouch. Make your fisherman’s next trip hassle and bug-free!


One of the worst things to happen when fishing, aside from missing a good catch, is dropping gear into the water. And what’s more brilliant than bringing a dry bag? A floating dry bag! Not only will this bag keep your valuables dry but keep them afloat on water also. This bag is 100% waterproof, dustproof and very lightweight. Some have removable and adjustable shoulder straps for support and convenience.


If your fisherman is not very organised and keeps misplacing rods, then this is the perfect gift. Get rid of the clutter in your home with the fishing rod organiser case and give a gift at the same time. This case helps anglers organise rods in one place and keep them clean and safe. It’s heavy duty and has padded shoulder straps for convenience. This is one of the gift ideas for fishos that’s both useful when he’s on the boat and at home.


Make fishing more fun with music. For those who cannot stand the silence or when they often go fishing with family and friends, waterproof speakers are an ideal gift. They are waterproof and rustproof and can withstand ultraviolet radiation, heat and humidity. The compact size makes it convenient to carry and use. To make fishing life easier, some brands have a Bluetooth feature for taking calls remotely.

Thinking of a great gift for a fisho may be daunting, especially for those who already have everything. Yet, that doesn’t leave you out of brilliant ideas. Make your next gift exciting, fun and very useful. Forget about buying another rod or reel. There are other brilliant gift ideas for fishos that they will be more than happy to use on the next adventure.



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Jake Taylor

Jake is a global traveller who has recently called Australia his home again. If he's not travelling, he is writing about it and his experience.