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Having high-quality camping gear is your primary defence against cold weather when sleeping in the great outdoors. Sometimes, though, that might not be enough to keep you warm. It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep when the temperature keeps on dropping. To avoid shivering and shaking in the dead of night, here are my five creative camping hacks to stay warm on a chilly night in the wilderness.


Create your heater by filling a hard plastic bottle with hot water. Place your DIY heater inside your sleeping bag to provide your body with some extra warmth. You can even put the hot water bottle in a few minutes in advance so that your sleeping bag will feel toasty.

Since your sleeping bag is insulated, the hot water bottle may even keep its heat until the morning comes.

If the hot water bottle is way too hot for you, wrap a towel or shirt around it. On the other hand, if you are feeling extra chilly, place the hot water bottle in between your thighs. By targeting the femoral artery, you can get warm very quickly.


Though wearing several layers is crucial in keeping you warm when outdoors, you shouldn’t wear too many layers in bed. Your body will be able to produce more heat with less clothing on. Clean and dry pyjamas will suffice. Some campers even prefer to be nude inside their sleeping bags. By wearing thin clothes, you can benefit more from your sleeping bag’s insulation.

Nevertheless, there are key body parts that need to be protected. Your head, hands and feet lost body heat very quickly. As such, consider wearing a hat/beanie, some gloves and wool socks to bed. These are also the body parts that feel extremely cold in the morning.


Create a buffer between you and your surroundings by adding some sleeping bag stuffers. You can stuff extra clothes near the bottom part of your sleeping bag to provide extra warmth to your toes. Just make sure that the clothes you use are clean and dry. It’s better to use the clothes that you’re going to wear the next day. It’ll save you some time, too. As soon as you wake up, grab the clothes and change inside your sleeping bag.


Eating a snack before going to bed will give your body the fuel it needs to generate heat. Choose something high in fat, such as a candy bar or an energy bar so that your body will take longer to digest it.


Another way to produce excess body heat is to get your blood pumping before bed. This can be done by performing light exercises such as jumping jacks, push-ups or sit-ups. Do a few repetitions until you feel your body start to warm up. Just make sure to stop before you start sweating.

Even the very best camping gear is no match for the cruel side of Mother Nature. If she decides to make the night really cold, you’ll need to think of additional ways to keep warm. These camping hacks to stay warm at night have helped me a great deal, and hopefully, it will help you, too.



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