Murray Cod Caught On Lure At Night


Murray Cod has become one of the most iconic freshwater fish in Australia. Anglers know they dwell in rivers, streams and dams, but they’re still very elusive. This particular fish species prefer deep water as they hide in submerged logs and rocks. They are also known to swim to open water when hunting for food.

To increase your chances of catching Murray Cod, it’s best to use specific lures that allow you to cover more ground this fish is found in. In my experience, these are the best five best lures to use when fishing for Murray Cod.


Spinnerbaits are very effective in attracting Murray Cod. The metal blades spin like a propeller and create flash and vibration in the water. This makes them seem like small fish or prey to Murray Cod.

Spinnerbaits are best used when you know the fish are sitting at the bottom of the water. Spinnerbaits are great for reaching into deep holes and dark corners. Even so, spinnerbaits also attract Murray Cod that are just under the surface of the water. As the lure begins to sink, fish just can’t resist the opportunity to hit the lure. Once a Murray Cod has latched on, retrieve the lure slowly to hold onto your catch.


Hard bodied lures are popular among anglers as they’re able to produce great results with a wide variety of fish species. I’ve also found them great to use for trolling Murray Cod. This lure can be cast out into the water and float on the surface or dive deep to reach every crevice of submerged logs.

Murray Cod are known to be aggressive towards other fish and they will not hesitate in hitting larger hard bodied lures. Troll repeatedly over a chosen area until a Murray Cod is enticed from hiding and attacks. Alternatively, small hard-bodied lures are best used when Murray Cod are out in open water. In these instances, I’ve found that they’ll most likely hit the lure out of hunger and not aggression.


Surface fishing has become a popular method for catching Murray Cod. Surface poppers are able to skid across the surface of the water and in the process create vibrations in the water. Surface poppers mimic running or struggling fish, which quickly catches the attention of Murray Cod. Results may be instantaneous as surface poppers are often irresistible for many freshwater fish including Murray Cod.


Lipless crankbaits are very versatile lures and very capable when trolling for freshwater fish. Like spinnerbaits, these lures work well at deeper depths. Lipless crankbaits are good for enticing the fish on the retrieve back up from the bottom. As lipless crankbaits come in a variety of shapes and sizes, it’s important to make sure you have hooks to suit the Murray Cod you are chasing.


Buzz baits are a variation of spinnerbaits. As the lure’s name implies, it produces a buzzing sound as it makes its way across the water’s surface. They’re similar to surface poppers but have the added ability to sink into the water. This means it is best to retrieve faster to keep the lure afloat.

I’m not the only one that takes pride in my ability to catch Murray Cod. Using these five types of lures will increase your chances of getting that catch. One thing to keep in mind is that because of their popularity, wild stock numbers of Murray Cod have decreased. As such, the catch and release practice is strongly encouraged. Take enough pictures for your bragging rights and make sure that the fish is returned to the water in good condition.


Is there any particular lure you find the most effective when fishing for Murray Cod? Share your experience below.

Peter Hollingsworth
Peter Hollingsworth

Peter has been fishing all around Australia since he was a boy. He loves camping, fishing and kayak fishing.