Cold Climate Camping By Fire


Even when winter is on the way, there is no reason to put your camping gear away. For some campers, winter is actually the best time of the year to be heading outdoors. If you haven’t given winter camping a try, perhaps it’s time you consider it. Here are four reasons why camping in winter or colder climate zones is just as much fun. Heading to where the weather is cooler is also a great way to get away from the summer heat.


Campsites are a popular destination during the summer — from children on school outings to families taking a much-needed break. As a result, campsites are fully booked even months in advance. In the winter, fewer people are able to take time off to go camping. This means less populated campsites. You’ll surely enjoy the quieter surroundings as you hike along the trails.

Another bonus is that campsites often offer off-peak rates during winter. You won’t have to spend that much to go camping.


Some campsites have strict regulations when it comes to campfires in the summer. This limits the kind of food you can bring along and cook while camping. In the winter, however, some campsites lift their fire restrictions. As you setup your campfire, you can employ more cooking techniques and eat more delicious food. You also don’t have to worry too much about slightly overindulging as in the winter, you need to eat for your body to generate more heat. In colder temperatures, it’s also much more enjoyable sitting by a campfire with a mug of hot cocoa and roasting marshmallows.


In the summer, you barely spend time inside your tent during the day. This is because the head of the sun makes the tent feel like a sauna. With cooler temperatures, you can spend more time relaxing in your tent. You can lie down and snuggle or read a book — without suffering from the heat!


Now this is one of the best reasons why winter camping is an awesome idea. Due to the cold temperature, the bugs aren’t out in droves and bothering you. The pesky flies and mosquitoes that can literally turn your happy camping experience into a bug nightmare are spending their time away from you, and you must take advantage. Plus, you don’t even have to bring bug spray with you anymore.


You should keep in mind that there are some precautions when camping in the winter or cooler climates. Make sure to wear double or triple layers. Opt for thermal wear and avoid wearing cotton. At night, wear a beanie and thick socks, so you don’t lose heat through your head and your feet. Also, properly insulate your tent and make sure to pack a lot of wool blankets.

Camping in winter isn’t only fun, but you also get to impress your friends with your outdoor skills such as building a campfire and pitching a tent — with the added challenge of lower temperatures. It’s an experience you want to try at least once, and before you know it, winter camping will be one of your most favourite things to do!


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Kimberly Powell
Kimberly Powell

Kimberly loves camping, cooking, travelling and animals. She's turned her hand to writing to share her experience.