Fishfinder On Small Power Boat


A fishfinder is considered one of the must-have accessories for anglers who fish out on the water. It allows you to see what’s underneath your boat or kayak to get on the fish.

If you already have a fishfinder but are still struggling to use it to catch more fish, then you might not be using the instrument properly. In order to completely eliminate fishless days, here are four easy-to-follow tips on how to use your fishfinder effectively.


There are a lot of different fishfinders in the market and the experience of using one particular brand will be different from another. Also, unlike other gadgets, you won’t know how to use a fishfinder by just turning it on. It’s easy to be confused by the waves and lines that permeate the screen. This can be easily prevented by reading the manual. Yes, read the manual. We all don’t want to do it but it this is one case where you really need to read the manual. Even the most experienced angler has to familiarize him or herself with the different features and functions.


Anglers shouldn’t simply rely on the fishfinder. Use your eyes and ears to observe your surroundings. If you have ample knowledge about a particular fishing location, then the data you receive from the fishfinder will become that much more meaningful.


It will be easier to use automatic mode in the beginning. As you gain more experience with the device, you can gradually transition to manual settings. You can start with one function and slowly add the others that pique your interest.

It should be noted that there are no perfect settings — it will really depend on your location, the structure, as well as how a particular school of fish aggregates. With this in mind, you can adjust the fishfinder’s depth and sensitivity. You’ll have a lot of fun just getting used to your fishfinder and setting it up how you like it.


If you are going to invest in a fishfinder, make sure you get one with GPS. They’re often called ‘Sonar/GPS Combos‘. Combos will greatly improve your fishfinder experience. Via split-screen mode, you can plot areas where there is fish activity so you know where to go back to next time while you are on the fish.

Fishfinders are simply awesome. Anglers who get one, never really want to go back. Over the years, the prices have really come down and there’s nothing like having a fishfinder sonar/GPS combo on a kayak with a stealthy electric trolling motor. I simply love my fishing experience with these toys and I think you will too.



What do you think? Do you have a fishfinder sonar/GPS combo? Do you love it?

Jackson Williams

Jackson Williams has been fishing around Australia for 20 years and loves his home region of far north Queensland.