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In Western Australia, there are many impressive landscapes and well-maintained natural reserves worthy of a camping trip. But while planning a trip to see the wonders of Western Australia, you might be worried about leaving your faithful dog behind. Well, you don’t need to worry; there are many dog-friendly camping spots in Western Australia that will let you enjoy the state’s natural scenery alongside your pet. Here are three places I enjoy and you can take your pet along with you.


One of the numerous camping destinations dog parents love to visit is the Warner Glen Recreation Site, which is located 20 minutes away from Margaret River. It’s found nestled in Western Australia’s Jarrah forest, right next to the Chapman River in Blackwood National Park.

While there, you and your pet can enjoy the many sights nature has to offer. It’s composed of nine campsites which are nearby swimming areas. Here, you can enjoy outdoor water activities, like swimming and kayaking. You can also take your dog for a walk along the banks of the river and find yourself surrounded by well-preserved wildlife.

Like many other dog-friendly camping spots, they have rules in place regarding the handling of pets on their premises. If you decide to bring your pet, make sure its lead is always on. Also, make sure your dog stays out of trouble. Always keep an eye on your four-legged friend as animal baits are used in this area.


Found 30 minutes away from the Margaret River township is Alexandra Bridge. Located near the banks of the Blackwood River, this camping destination is great if you want to take your furry friend on a bush adventure.

On Alexandra Bridge, you’ll find yourself among a stunning array of wildlife and various species of birds. While here, you also have access to numerous river-based activities such as canoeing, kayaking, fishing and swimming.

If you take your four-legged pal here, keep in mind that the camp requires dogs to be on-leash all the time. Apart from that, you and your dog are free to enjoy a relaxing and peaceful trip to Alexandra Bridge.


Another pet-friendly camping destination near Margaret River is the Big Valley campsite. Located just 10 minutes southeast of the town, this tranquil camping haven is found among the hills of a family-owned sheep farm.

At Big Valley Campsite, you can choose from a lot of activities you can enjoy with your pet. Like any other campsite, outdoor activities such as bushwalking, kayaking, canoeing and swimming are available. But apart from these activities, you can also opt to do indoor activities like arts and crafts. The camp even offers a tour of the wineries nearby with your dogs in mind.

This camping destination openly welcomes pets, but there are still some rules you need to follow as a pet owner. You must keep your dog on a leash at all times. Also, you must clean up after your dog and never leave it unattended.

There are many ways to appreciate the great outdoors with your dog. Camping with your dog is just one of them. If you want to try taking your dog on a nature-centred trip in Western Australia, make sure to consider these three dog-friendly camping spots.



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