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If you are thinking about taking the kids for a weekend or long weekend of camping, you have made the first step to a more affordable way to spend holidays with your family. The key to affordable and fun camping is preparation and the right camping gear. That particularly applies when you are taking your children, and one or more of their friends of course!

Here we share some tips to having a better time with kids and keeping everyone busy with what they should be doing so you can all have a better time.


Individual duffle bags are perfect for camping. Clothes don’t need to be folded up, they should be rolled up to make for more convenience and space saving. A plastic rubbish bag will do for everyone’s dirty laundry. Don’t forget that clothing will get wet simply from the dew in the morning. There are a couple of ways to deal with this. A plastic rubbish bin will keep clothes protected and dry or you can invest in Drysac Duffle Bags.

Packing clothes that are versatile is a skill that experienced campers demonstrate with ease. Clothing that serves multiple purposes always works best. Get more out of what you take with you by taking less with thought to what you and your children really need.


There is nothing like a damp sleeping bag to make for one uncomfortable night. Sleeping bags can soak up and hold damp from a night’s sleep and they can soak up damp from the air. The easiest way to keep a sleeping bag dry and warm for the night is to unzip it during the day. Think about setting up a line to hang them out in the sun so they are toasty warm in the evening. Remember, there is nothing like starting with having a great sleeping bag in the first place.


If and when you leave food out, you are asking for trouble. Discarding food is just asking for trouble. It’s a really good idea to teach kids about the danger because they tend to learn really fast. This is especially the case if you make a great night time camp story to match. Just like we don’t leave rubbish, we don’t leave anything that can be eaten because it will attract everything from wild animals to horse flies.


Cooking is a huge part of camping. That being said, you don’t have all the conveniences of home. The best meals can be prepared in what they were brought in. Aluminium foil and recipes that take advantage of being wrapped are always the best. Create a full list of the meals you will need before you go and prepare everything you can before you go. Even if you are planning to catch fish, there is nothing worse than being short of food.


No matter how far you get away from the city or suburbia, there are going to be plenty of noises at night to keep your kids awake. From natural sounds to those made by other campers, there is always going to be something that will excite your kids. Apps on your phone that make ambient noise are a great way to drown out unwanted ambient noises. Having everyone on the same schedule is also important. Keeping kids awake on the drive out to your camping spot is another way to make sure they are on your time zone. Don’t be fooled into thinking it is great they are quiet on the journey out there.


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Bill Matthews

Bill is as green friendly as they come. He's travelled the world, loves kayak fishing and camping.